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The Making of Moonletter

The Moonletter has its origins way back in the late 20th Century. It began as a monthly email distributed among friends, fellow astrologers, assorted mystics and astrology clients. In its origin, it was a way to focus time each month on considering the ways of the Moon and her influences. It gave my Sagittarian curiosity and Uranian intuition free rein to explore ideas, inspirations and insights and share them with friends. It became a record of sorts, of conversations, things I read, events in the world.

Then as its readership increased so the Moonletter has grown and evolved. It now includes a monthly diary of astrological events and festivals from many traditions, occasional contributions on Chinese Astrology and specials on particular planets and signs.

Fast forward to 2019 and finally Moonletter has taken shape as a website and a blog to house my diverse writings, and to share what astrology means to me and why the cycle of the moon is the rhythm I follow.

A new moonletter appears usually a few days before the actual new moon. New articles are added from time to time and other sections are planned. Do pop back often and please give us a “Hi!” from the comments page.

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