A Child looks at Saturn

Moonletter Podcast

What do you see, child when you look at the ringed planet, Saturn? A big, bad bogeyman or a protecting friend?


“Limitation, constriction, delay,” the classic negative descriptions of Saturn in the astrological chart. Negative from the point of view of the child.

The child wants it all. Saturn says, “Get real. You can’t have it all.” and the child experiences Saturn as being mean. The child wants it now. Saturn says, “Hang on, it’s not time, you’ll have to wait.” and the child experiences Saturn as a frustrating delay.

When we want to be a child without responsibilities, Saturn comes on as parental authority: “You made the mess, you clean it up.” “You broke it, it’s up to you to fix it.” “You can’t borrow money without expecting to pay it back.”

But when we are prepared to accept the consequences of our actions, to be an adult, we accept Saturn’s gift of authority.

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