Every sign has its blindspots – things it just doesn’t get. Here’s a quick and dirty run-through. But please don’t take it personally. I’m sure that in your chart there are plenty of other factors that give you your unique take on the world and make you the individual that you are.


Aries can’t understand why it takes so long for someone to do something. “Why do they have to think about it so much. Why can’t they just get on with it and do it!”

Taurus can’t understand how anyone can live in a city with all that concrete and traffic. “It’s all so stressful. It would hurt my head!”

Gemini can’t understand that some people can’t multitask, aren’t keeping up with the news and are happy just to sit quietly.

Cancer can’t understand how anyone could live in a minimalist home with no family photos, no souvenirs, nothing home-made, cushiony or comfortable. “It just wouldn’t feel like home!”

Leo can’t understand how anyone could dislike cats. “I mean they’re so warm and companionable. How can anyone not like them?”

Virgo can’t understand how someone can eat all that junk food without getting sick. “They should organise their life more efficiently and make time to cook a proper meal.”

Libra can’t understand how someone can live with all those bright colours where everything clashes.

Scorpio can’t understand how someone can’t keep their mouth shut. “Why is she blabbing her personal stuff to all and sundry? Doesn’t she know there are things you have to keep secret?”

Sagittarius can’t understand why someone has never been abroad, doesn’t even have a passport, and only reads local newspapers.

Capricorn can’t understand how someone can live without managing their money. “He doesn’t have a pension? He pays how much interest every month on his cards? What about his job prospects?”

Aquarius can’t understand how someone can live without the latest technology. “He’s still using a cassette player? He hasn’t got an email address? No! You’re kidding me!”

Pisces understands.



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