What phase is the moon in at the moment? Is it new? Is it full? Is it waxing? Is it waning? How do you feel at the different phases? And what happens when you tune in to the phases of the moon, chilling out when the moon is coming up to new, starting up again with the waxing moon? And what’s this about Void of Course?

Wolf howling at the moon

Howling at the Moon

Do wolves really howl at the full moon? And what about this business of werewolves? A question comes from a reader in Japan asking about

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Eclipse Time

Every six months there’s an eclipse season. The moon meets the sun and earth on the same plane (the plane of the ecliptic) and at

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New Moon Through Glass

“It’s unlucky to look at the new moon through glass.” An old superstition deconstructed. Here’s what the first crescent of the new moon looks like:

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