From the point of view of the earth, the sun, moon and the planets move against a background of fixed stars that the ancients described as zodiac constellations. They counted 12 of them, and ascribed characters to them, based on the image suggested by the pattern of stars. The Ram, the bull, the heavenly twins…

Zodiac clock from Venice

Guide to the Zodiac

The twelve signs of the zodiac are like characters in a cosmic drama that is being played out on Earth. Here we explore the symbolism

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rustic fence - the boundary between two fields

Signs and Boundaries

    A trip round the zodiac from the clearly defined ego boundaries of Aries to the mystical boundlessness of Pisces looking at how each

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Collage of colours representing the zodiac signs

Zodiac colour fields

Forget the zodiac symbols for a moment – here are the energies of the signs as pure colour   The signs of the zodiac are

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Astrological Blindspots

Every sign has its blindspots – things it just doesn’t get. Here’s a quick and dirty run-through. But please don’t take it personally. I’m sure

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No Sign!

What would the world be like without each sign? By removing them one by one, we can get an idea of what each contributes.  

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