Astrological Consultations

The ancient intuitive science of astrology can help you understand the cycles and patterns in your life, to help you work with them instead of being buffeted about by the astrological weather.

My approach to astrology

Astrology won't tell you who you are

But it can help you develop your awareness of what your potential is and help you to make sense of what’s going on in your life.

I don't predict what's going to happen to you

But I can work with you to show you how you can change your reality by shifting your attitudes and beliefs about your self and the world.

I don't make decisions for you

My aim is rather to empower you and to help you connect with your own inner knowing. But Astrology can help with your sense of timing. It can let you know the windows of opportunity and the times when it’s best to wait.

I don't use complicated jargon

What I say is down to earth and practical based on psychological and spiritual insight. (But if you know something of astrological language I will certainly use it.)

I don't print out computer-generated interpretations

I like to work face-to-face, to talk things through with you to give you a chance to ask all the questions you want. We can work online using Skype or Zoom and the session can be recorded and sent to you afterwards.

Read more about my background as an astrologer and my approach to astrology A Sky Full of Stars .

Astrological Insight

The modern technique of coaching combined with the ancient art of astrology is a powerful way to get your life in focus. To make sense of the past, to check your intuitions about the present, and to clarify your options for the future.

Relationship Charts

We compare charts to help you make sense of what’s going on in the key relationships in your life whether they are with your partner, your lover, your parents, your children or a business associate. I help you evaluate the potential of a relationship, get an idea of where it’s going, or suggest ways of handling it.

Relocation Charts

If you’re planning a move, if you want to do business abroad (face-to-face or online) or even if you’re thinking about a holiday, the technique of Astrolocation can suggest places where things will flow smoothly (and conversely, places that will present you with challenges).


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