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Tuning in to the cycles of the sun, moon and planets

One idea behind these moonletters is to help people get back in tune with the cycle of the moon. It’s an important cycle to be in touch with in my opinion and it’s ignored totally in western cultures. In other cultures, such as the Chinese, the Moslem, the Jewish, the new moon begins the month which to me makes sense. The western world however has detached the moon from our experience of time. In fact, if you talk with some people about the moon, they think you’re into something dodgy and pagan probably to do with werewolves. The only people who are “into” the moon are some traditional farmers who plant during the waxing phase and do things like harvesting and weeding during the waning phase. Most of the rest of us are oblivious.

But before we get onto the moon, we are even out of touch with the cycles of the earth and the sun! I remember that we only used to get strawberries in England when the Wimbledon tennis championship was on. There was a season for them. Now I see imported strawberries in shops all year round. Apparently, some supermarkets decided that customers “get confused” if they can’t buy strawberries every month of the year. To hell with that! Fruits and vegetables are seasonal! Staying in touch with the seasons means staying in touch with the cycles of the earth and the needs of your body. There you are, you’ve made a connection – you’re in tune. A banana on a freezing cold winter’s day? Er… no thanks. It just doesn’t feel right.

Likewise, thanks to electricity I can sit here writing at midnight while it’s pitch-dark outside. What happened to our experience of the night and its mysteries? In fact, to break our connection with the turning of the earth and the rising and setting of the sun can be really damaging. Anyone who has ever done shift work, switching back and forth between day work and night work every couple of weeks will tell you how much it f***s you up.

So, to connect with the seasonal cycles, the cycle of the earth’s orbit round the sun is as important as staying connected with the day/night cycle. You wouldn’t wear summer clothes in winter would you? So, it should be the same with your eating habits. If you can, eat what is grown locally and in season.

Rediscover the magic of the night. Go into nature at night – in a wood, by a river or by the sea shore, somewhere away from artificial light – and walk or sit or whatever you want. Be aware of your senses retuning to what’s around you. Go with a friend if you’re not comfortable to be alone in the dark. Choose a night with a moon, not necessarily full, but enough to see by when your eyes have adjusted. If you’re feeling courageous, stay up all night (this is obviously easier and more pleasant in summer when the nights are shorter). Watch the sunset, then if you have a clear sky watch the stars slowly appearing as the sky darkens and track a constellation as it moves across the sky (actually it’s the earth turning, the constellation does not move) – rising, culminating and setting. Then watch the sky lightening as dawn breaks, hear the birdsong and listen to the life of the world as it starts up again.

But how to tune in to the cycle of the moon and what really is the point? Well first of all is know what phase the moon is in. Is it new moon or full moon, waxing or waning? Is there an eclipse? And really if you want to get refined about this, which sign is the moon in?

Apparently according to “The Conscious Universe” by Dean Radin, there are more jackpot winners on the slot machines in the casinos in Las Vegas at full moon! It seems that the way to win is to play the machine that’s going to pay up. And the only way to know which machine is going to pay up is intuition. So, this offers statistical evidence that our intuition is more acute at the full moon.

So it seems possible that tuning in to the cycles of the moon can help develop our intuitive faculty – our ability to perceive without the physical senses. A skill worth developing n’est-ce pas? For example, if you’re a hunter you need your intuition to tell you the best place to hunt. If you live in a city don’t you need your intuition to tell you whether or not to travel a certain route, whether or not to walk down a certain street? It’s basic survival.

Once you start to tune in to the moon you develop the skill of inner listening. Connecting with the mooncycle can help you connect with your innate wisdom. Then from the moon the cycles of the planets become available – the morning star / evening star cycle of Venus, the 12 year cycle of Jupiter, the 30 year cycle of Saturn etc. “Making your life agree with the heavens” as my mate Marsilio Ficino wrote. Well he wasn’t really my mate as he lived and died in Florence during the Renaissance, but I think of him as a mate.


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