What motivates you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? From an astrological point of view the answer is the planet Mars.

According to modern astrology, Mars is described as action, decision, physical energy. Named for the Roman god of war, its influence was seen as male. Men were the ‘actors’ and women were required to be passive helpmeets.

But hang on a minute! Women have Mars in their charts as well and can of course be active and decisive. The times are changing in many cultures and more women have the possibility to express their Martian energy according to the dictates of their being, despite and sometimes in defiance of any cultural or social norms.

So, what motivates you? Is it fear? Is it money? The desire for excitement? The need for control? Well, it depends which sign Mars is in.

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries is in its own sign. Here it wants to lead, to be first, to be the winner, the alpha. People with this placement of Mars are very competitive. They know what they want and they go for it. Patience is something that has to be learned however.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus is the hardest working and most determined of any position of Mars. What motivates them is the desire to create value, wealth and beauty in order to live a comfortable life And as Taurus is into luxury and sensuality, could the pleasure principle be a big part of the motivation for Mars in Taurus?

Mars in Gemini

For Mars in Gemini everything begins with discussion and debate, the world of ideas and communication. Then Mars gets busy putting the ideas into practice before moving on to the next idea, the next trend. Enjoys the cut and thrust of argument and motivated by the buzz of making connections.

Mars in Cancer

What is active Mars doing in the emotional sign of Cancer?  But we’re looking at motivation and here Mars is motivated by the desire to protect and defend. Not only to defend oneself, one’s family, one’s country but also to help anyone who need looking after or protecting. But they need to be careful not to play ‘rescuer’ in the drama triangle.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo is in the sign ruled by the sun. People with this placement just need to shine. What motivates Mars in Leo is honour and glory or rather (to tone those words down for non-Leos) recognition and praise. In business, the impressive job title, and the brass plaque on the door are the rewards that Leo appreciates. But their actions are not purely motivated by self-interest, their self-confidence and passion are infectious.

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo is motivated by the wish to do a perfect job. This placement of Mars loves to organise and get things running smoothly and efficiently, paying the greatest attention to detail and serving the highest production values. Turning chaos into order. Happy Virgo!

Mars in Libra

What motivates Mars in Libra is the need to correct unfairness and injustice. Then they will move diplomatically and considerately to deal with the imbalance in order to restore the harmony of the situation. Folk with this placement of Mars avoid confrontation, preferring mediation and arbitration.

Mars in Scorpio

I’ve no idea how Mars in Scorpio works. They keep it secret you see. Maybe they’re motivated by the (Nietzschean or Adlerian) ‘will to power’. Maybe it’s the desire to uncover whatever is being kept secret. Maybe to test themselves against challenges. Who knows?

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius needs to make sense of the world, the will to meaning. Now that could be the deep, philosophical or ideological drive to find the meaning of life, to find values and purpose in a meaningless world. Or it could be through the joy of exploration and discovery or a passion for sports and games. Whatever. Mars in the sign of the archer is motivated by targets and goals.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn people are motivated by the need for certainty and security. Capricorn likes things that are structured and predictable and have a solid base. And they need to know that what they are doing will last. They play a long game, and they don’t mind a bit of delayed gratification. They have a selfless commitment to duty and if there’s some social recognition and prestige there as well, that’s OK.

Mars in Aquarius

What motivates Mars in Aquarius is the chance to experiment and if you leave them to it, they will always find their own way of doing something and come up with something undoubtedly original. And driving that is a real humanitarian idealism, and the wish to create a better world. What demotivates them is anything that squashes their individuality.

Mars in Pisces

Again, who knows what motivates Mars in Pisces? They don’t know themselves when it comes to it. Some unconscious motivation perhaps from the depths of the ocean in which they swim; the numinous, the poetic, the transcendental. Maybe that’s where their compassion comes from, maybe that’s what drives them.


Ben Belinsky

November 2022



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