Mars the male object of desire

Mars the male object of desire

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Mars in a woman’s chart can give an idea of the type of man she finds attractive. This is also true for gay or bisexual men. What we’re looking at is the Mars energy that is projected onto the male ‘object of desire’.

Relationships being complex, these desires are of course modulated or mitigated by other factors in the chart. You may find, for example, that the animal energy of the Mars connection will draw you in, but the sun or moon signs just don’t do it. So however good the sex might be, there’s no soul connection. Or maybe there is a clash between the signs of Mercury which means that communication doesn’t work.

Also, what is in the seventh house of the chart is projected onto the partner. If Saturn is there, you’re looking for someone older or someone with maturity. If Venus is there, someone with grace and an artistic temperament. If Uranus is there, someone unconventional with charisma or a sense of genius or wizardry. If the Moon is there, someone to mother or to be mothered by. If Jupiter is there, you may be looking for a teacher or someone to play teacher to. If Neptune is there, you’re searching for a spiritual connection but watch out! You may be chasing a fantasy.

But back to Mars in the chart.


Mars in Aries

A warrior, someone battle tested and fearless. “Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood. Disguise fair nature with hard-favoured rage,” as Shakespeare puts it. Someone to match my courage with his own.


Mars in Taurus

I need a man of the earth. Someone strong and solid. Sensuality is important. Money helps as well .


Mars in Gemini

I must be able to have a conversation with him as well as all the other stuff.  Ideally someone who can lose an argument but still keep an erection.


Mars in Cancer

He’s got to be caring, a man who’s gonna protect me and make a home for me and my children. Someone who’ll put up with my moods, remember my birthday and miss me when I’m not there.


Mars in Leo

I need someone self-assured. Someone I can be proud to be seen with, maybe make others a little jealous. Why not? Someone with a regal bearing who will make me feel like a queen.


Mars in Virgo

I prefer my man to be clean and tidy or at least he must clean up well. He should be attentive to my every wish, but not servile, just not showy. I don’t mind if he’s quiet so long as he knows he’s with me.


Mars in Libra

He must be refined and elegant, a gentleman or at the very least someone with good social skills. A sense of fashion will be appreciated as well. We must look good together.


Mars in Scorpio

Looking for passion, but it has to be someone I can trust enough to take me beyond my limits and explore my dark desires with. And maybe some shades of grey as well… Why do I always go for the bad boys?


Mars in Sagittarius

A sporty type would be fun! Someone fit! We can go jogging together, work out at the gym together. Have wide-ranging discussions. Someone who will put up with my er… indiscretions as I put up with his.


Mars in Capricorn

Someone with a good social position who can support me in the lifestyle to which I would like to be accustomed. Ideally, he would be in the c-suite of a blue-chip company. There’s something about powerful men that’s a real turn-on for me. Oh, and a good sense of humour is a must.


Mars in Aquarius

I didn’t mean to friend-zone you. I mean I want you as my friend but I also want you to surprise me. What I meant was I want us to be equals – I mean I’m no one’s trad-wife. And if I want to hang out with my girlfriends that shouldn’t be a problem for you.


Mars in Pisces

Someone gentle and empathic and there should be a spiritual connection as well. And if he wants to be submissive, I’m sure we can work something out. (A bit of role play wouldn’t come amiss.)

Ben Belinsky

May 2024

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