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Knowing who you are. Connecting with the inner world of the imagination, of dream, then no one can manipulate you – unless you let them. Unless you give your power away and we are trained from an early age to give our power away to those more sensible – it is our reflex, our default setting – they must be right – they must know what is best for us and we kill our natural instinct for what is right and wrong for us.

This is the tree of knowledge of right and wrong in the centre of the garden – we eat of its fruits and we are no longer in thrall to the authority of tradition, to the charm of the advertisement, to the glamour of all the political whoremasters who will promise us anything to get our vote, to the guru or the religious leader who says that their way is the only way to truth or salvation or enlightenment and we happily give them our power, our vote, our hard-earned money.

Unless you connect with your inner reality, you will be buffeted about by the forces of the world. Why do you think religions try to control sexuality?

The sexual drive is one of the strongest undeniable forces in our organism. It is essentially creative, and in that it partakes of the divine.

Yet we are told it is shameful and dirty. It is private certainly but nothing to be ashamed of, yet many young people are cowed into denial of their emotional and physical needs.

Connecting with your inner world is a simple process. To be able to say, I like this, I don’t like that. Or I agree with this, I don’t agree with that. This is right for me, this is not right for me. Despite what anyone else says.

This is the rock of inner truth on which you can build your sense of identity. Deny it at the behest of those in authority who “know what is best for us” and we are denying ourselves the light of our own inner truth.

Those who are lost to themselves will seek their identity in expensive clothes, in a bottle of hair colour, in a faster car, or the latest techno toy – or maybe in a religious ideology or a political credo.

Always looking outside for others’ validation of who they are, because they have been taught to mistrust the inner connection.

But nothing is ever lost. We do what we have to do to survive and we may have to hide our inner light. (See hexagram 36 of the I Ching, ‘Darkening of the Light’.) But we can keep a line into the inner world and our own values.

Whatever it takes to keep us connected to ourselves. And if we are connected to ourselves, we can connect with others. If we have the courage to believe in ourselves, then others will believe in us. If we can love ourselves, our light will shine then others will love us.


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