Moonletter August 2022

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 28 July 2022 with the new moon in Leo, and spanning the full moon in Aquarius on 12 August 2022.


New Moon in Leo – 28 July


There’s a lot of fire in the new moon chart, by ‘fire’ I mean planets in fire signs – Sun, Moon and Mercury in Leo, Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. Fire is the most dynamic of the traditional four elements. In the physical sense, it heats things up and gets things going but if it gets too much or out of control, it can be destructive. Energetically, it’s about inspiration. Leo as a fire sign is renowned for its confidence, creativity and self-assuredness. When the sun is in Leo it’s the time of summer heat, ripe fruit and the harvest.

This new moon in Leo is supported by an easy angle from Jupiter in Aries whose energy has been pushing things forward recently at an ever-quickening pace. Jupiter turns stationary the day of the new moon which suggests the beginning of a time of consolidation, a chance to take a good look at how we’ve got to where we are.

In fact, all the major slow-moving planets are running retrograde at the moment. With the exception of Uranus – appropriate for this planet which can be described as the planet of exceptions. But Uranus has got another trick for us around the time of the new moon, when it meets the moon’s north node in Taurus. This conjunction happens every 15 years or so but it only takes place in Taurus every 168 years. Traditionally Taurus is about physical matter and the fertility of the earth; in modern life it also deals with finances. And when Uranus meets the moon’s north node, we’re looking at some sort of exceptional event, maybe a flip over to do with agriculture and finances. We’ve already seen major crashes in some crypto currencies like Bitcoin and a slowdown in the Euro, and the crazy weather certainly isn’t helping food production…

As the moon’s north node is involved, we’re looking at some sort of karmic connection. Currencies don’t exactly have karma but the countries that produce them certainly do. The way money is used, whether to create or destroy has consequences for our relationship with the earth.

Uranus doesn’t exactly call us to account (that’s Saturn’s job), rather it is a waker-upper, a game changer, the ruler of the unexpected. So, for the next month, until Uranus finally turns retrograde, it will be interesting to see what bills come due either personally, politically or for the planet.

Meanwhile, Saturn is still in a tough angle to Uranus; Saturn’s traditional way of doing things coming into conflict with Uranus’ demand for change, particularly democratic change. I say conflict because Mars is involved, driving and energising the Uranian will to shake things up.

Looking to Mercury to see what help communication can be to soften this situation and Mercury is in Leo, with a tendency to take things personally. The challenge is to see the other side’s point of view and to listen to what they have to say.



Full Moon in Aquarius – 12 August


By the full moon things should be a lot clearer. Jupiter’s expansionist energy has disconnected and there’s less passion being pumped into the system. The highly charged relationship between Uranus and Saturn is still driving things however, keeping the tension going between Saturn’s traditional way of doing things and Uranus’ new technological means and democratic will. The challenge is to make the necssary changes without destroying the best of the old.

Whichever sign Saturn is in, it puts things under pressure. Aquarius is the sign of democracy and this area is certainly under pressure in many parts of the world. Saturn conjuncts the moon which suggests that it could be a good idea to hang out with like-minded friends or associates, to share what we are all going through.

The balance point of this situation is in Scorpio, on the moon’s south node. Despite its bad press, Scorpio, at its best, is about courage and the full moon chart suggests that what is needed is the courage to look at things as they are. Also to get the best out of the situation there is the need for clear communication, no vagueness or fudging. And with all the dynamic energy around it’s a good idea to remember that precipitate action without preparing the ground will not have a lasting effect.

Go well and stay well


Key Dates this month:

26-JulUranus conjunct Moon’s north node in Taurus
28-JulNew Moon in Leo17:56
Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries
01-AugChristians celebrate Lammas
Pagans and Wiccans celebrate Lughnasadh
07-AugJews commemorate Tish’a B’Av
12-AugFull Moon in Aquarius01:37
23-AugSun enters Virgo03:17
27-AugNew Moon in Virgo08:18
28-AugUranus turns retrograde in Taurus

All Key Date times are GMT



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