Moonletter August September 2020

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on August 19th 2020 with the new moon in Leo, and spanning the full moon in Pisces on September 2nd 2020.

New Moon in Leo – 19 August

There’s a real buzz at the new moon in Leo, Mars in Aries energising the sun and moon. Fire sign to fire sign. Gets things done. But once things are done, do they stay done, or do they come undone? That’s the question. Fire has enthusiasm, dynamism and sheer willpower. When Mars is involved, it’s about physical energy. And that’s an energy that has to be made use of somehow.

But at my back I hear Saturn in Capricorn advising caution. ‘Is it grounded?’ Saturn asks. ‘Is it solid? What are its long-term prospects?’ (Sounds rather like a father checking out a future son-in-law!)

And this is Saturn’s job. Not throwing up problems but dealing with them before they become real. To make sure that things that get done stay done. So, when Mars’ energy meets Saturn’s caution, how do we get them to work together?

Well, the first thing to look at is resources. Check with Saturn to know what is available. The next thing is timing. Is it time to push or time to hold? Only your intuition can answer that.

Then there’s a pattern known as a yod or a ‘finger of fate’. In this instance, the dynamic energy of the sun and moon in Leo combines with the sense of personal fulfilment indicated by the moon’s north node to create a beam of intent that focuses on Saturn to ask, ‘Is what you are doing in line with your karmic journey?’

With its role in the challenges we are facing with the Covid crisis, Saturn demands we deal only with what is essential. We are being asked to look not only at our own practical necessities but also the emotional and spiritual needs of a changing world, what we have to offer and what we need to grow as individuals.


Full Moon in Pisces – 2 September

Change is in the air. The planet Uranus is in an easy angle to the sun and moon making change easier, in particular practical change. Uranus’ message is ‘make it new!’. So, while the future is still very uncertain, any expectations of going back to ‘how things were’ are not really on. Best to keep options open as next year the need to adjust becomes more critical.

Around the time of the full moon as well, Mercury, the messenger of the gods and the planet of communication is dealing with an opposition from Neptune. As the god of the cosmic ocean. Neptune’s message goes beyond all the practical and political considerations of the world to state unequivocally that we are all one, that we are all connected, sharing each others’ joys and pains. Mercury is in Virgo, the sign of discrimination so it’s up to you of course how much you can handle.

The flip side of Neptune is the creation of illusion. And waking up can be the realisation of one’s own complicity in the illusion. It’s often easier to accept the illusion (which can be a collective illusion) and believe the pretty lies rather than facing painful truths.

Meanwhile it’s also a time to consolidate personal relationships. Mars and Venus are square, creating tensions. There’s a need to find a new balance, Saturn is still in a square with Mars as described above, but it’s also opposing Venus, maybe giving cause to question one’s self-worth. And if you can’t find the balance in the relationship, you might be able to find it in yourself. The rest will follow.

Go well and stay well


Key Dates this month:

19-AugNew Moon in Leo02:43
20-AugMoslems celebrate Hijra – New Year
22-AugSun enters Virgo15:46
24-AugMars squares Saturn
29-AugMoslems celebrate Ashura
02-SepFull Moon in Pisces05:22
09-SepMars turns retrograde in Aries
13-SepJupiter turns direct in Capricorn
17-SepNew Moon in Virgo11:01
19-20 SeptemberJews celebrate Rosh HaShana – New Year
22-SepSun enters Libra – Autumn Equinox13:32

All Key Date times are GMT


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