Moonletter August-September 2023

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 16 August 2023 with the new moon in Leo and spanning the full moon in Pisces on 31 August 2023.


New Moon in Leo – 16 August 


A healing, challenging new moon in Leo with the sun and moon in a tough angle to disruptive Uranus and a soothing angle to Chiron. Uranus aspects, especially the tough ones, defy prediction. One can only speak of sudden unexpected change. Or that infuriating word that astrologers use: ‘interesting’.

But Uranus is also connected to a powerful regenerative pattern. Things flow with this set-up which is led by Mercury in Virgo, here in its role as the merchant, the trader. The pattern is a grand trine (perfect triangle) in earth signs, suggesting that it’s time for thinking about how you use your resources. It’s a time with potential for growth, but only if you can get to the root of the matter (Pluto still in Capricorn challenging the basis of the world of business). Plus, Uranian originality doesn’t do things according to formula, it means working things out from first principles.

For some, this planetary set-up with Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus can lead to a ‘fuck it’ moment and just going for it. Others may prefer to follow Saturn and play safe and balance the risk, taking the lead from the moon’s south node (karmic resources) in Libra. Just be aware that some people around you may be driven to extremes. Plus, with no planets in air signs at the new moon, some may act without having thought through the consequences.

We’re also in a Mercury retrograde period from 23rd August to the 15th September. With Mercury retrograding in Virgo, there is the risk of being caught out by detail.

On the plus side, Chiron is a big help at this time, healing one’s own wounds, helping others with their healing. In Aries, Chiron can often be involved with identity issues – such as wounded confidence or self-esteem.

Full Moon in Pisces – 31 August 


While the new moon is busting with dynamic energy and change, at the full moon there’s the opportunity for all these changes to be consolidated.  The moon in Pisces is close to the planet Saturn and Saturn’s restraining and grounding influence should act as a reality check. As Pisces is concerned with the higher self, Saturn in Pisces constantly monitors whether you’re living in alignment with your soul purpose, in other words whether you’re being true to your (higher) self.

In this regard, Mercury, the communicator is retrograde and in an awkward angle (inconjunct) to Chiron for the whole of this waxing moon period (new moon to full moon). This not only suggests the need to double check information but also to be very careful who you open up to about any inner insecurities you may be harbouring.

Plus, with retrograde Venus (relationships) in a tough angle to Jupiter (the teacher of understanding) it could be a window of opportunity to face the difficult process of rebuilding trust.

Go well



Japanese dancers dressed in pink kimono with fans
Bon Odori – Dancing with spirits of departed ancestors

Key Dates this month:

13-16 AugustBon Odori Dance festival in Japan
16-AugNew Moon in Leo09:39
23-AugSun enters Virgo09:02
Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo until 15 September
29-AugUranus turns retrograde in Taurus
31-AugFull Moon in Pisces01:37
04-SepVenus turns direct in Virgo
Jupiter turns retrograde in Taurus
15-SepNew Moon in Virgo01:41
Mercury turns direct in Virgo
16-SepJews celebrate Rosh Hashanah – New Year

All Key Date times are GMT


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