Moonletter December 2021

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 4 December 2021 with the new moon in Sagittarius, and spanning the full moon in Gemini on 19 December 2021.

New Moon in Sagittarius – Solar Eclipse – 4 December


The energies of this new moon/solar eclipse are quite subtle. It’s as if everything is being worked out in terms of personal relationships. The three interpersonal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars are making all the running so let’s have a quick look at them.

Mercury, the fastest moving planet and closest to the sun is named after the messenger of the Greek gods of Olympus. In modern astrology his work is to do with communication. But, just as words can communicate meaning or hide it, so Mercury can play the trickster as much as the truth-teller.

Venus is Earth’s twin and often appears in the sky as either a beautiful morning star or evening star. She is named for the Roman goddess of love. She manifests as the power of attraction and is associated with that which we hold most dear, whether that be beauty or wealth.

Mars was the Roman god of war. His energy is physical and active and deals with our ability to make decisions. In human relations he is competitive and gives us our sense of motivation and leadership.

Please note that although these planets are identified with a particular gender and particular pronouns, a woman will have Mars in her chart and a man will have Venus in his chart. How these are lived out and expressed depends on the culture we find ourselves in.

So, back to the new moon / eclipse. This takes place in Sagittarius which is an inherently playful sign. Playful to the extent that Sagi is also the master of opening its mouth and putting its foot in it. Mercury is close to the new moon, which is nothing unusual as it never travels far from the sun, but it makes a tight conjunction with Pluto at the ninth harmonic. This harmonic tells us the fruit of the situation which suggests that here Mercury’s words may have consequences. They may be seen as a challenge to some (albeit unwitting) and may trigger an unexpected response.  The tactic of handling a tricky or stressful situation by making a joke is particularly risky at this time.

There’s an old saying (Jewish I think) that a true hero is someone who can bite their tongue and suppress a brilliant witticism. On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who enjoys the sparring repartee of Beatrice and Benedick in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado about Nothing,” then I wish you luck.

But for the rest of us, with Venus conjunct Pluto at the time of the new moon, flirtation, although it may appear in fun could also get out of hand.

Sagittarius likes taking risks and I’m not minded to be churlish and put the Saturnian dampers on things, except to advise you to steer clear of political issues – unless of course you are a politician.

On the plus side, this mooncycle could be a very creative period. Inspiration, especially to do with artistic endeavours looks well-starred with Venus (as the planet of beauty) in a powerful, super-positive grand trine at the seventh harmonic with the business planets, Jupiter and Saturn.

Then for Mars, there’s a lot of stress at the time of the new moon. Physical energy that needs to be made use of or, if there’s no outlet, to be burned up. If on the other hand, others need to let off steam, just treat it for what it is and don’t take it personally.

Full Moon in Gemini – 19th December


So whatever game plan you started at the new moon, the results should become apparent by the full moon. You didn’t send that brilliant sarcastic reply to that stupid email did you? And you didn’t put that crazy shit up on social media for a laugh like you were going to? So, that’s OK then.

But it’s a positive easy-going full moon with Jupiter in sociable Aquarius in a trine aspect to the moon so you’ll probably ignore all these astrological caveats and get out there and have a good time.

Then on December 24th we have the last of three hits of Saturn against Uranus which has added to the tension of the whole last year – Saturn in Aquarius, squaring Uranus in Taurus. Saturn can be typified as the rule-maker and Uranus the rebel. And we’ve certainly seen this pattern acted out in various ways – Saturn imposing rules to control the spread of the pandemic, Uranus kicking against that in various ways; Uranus demonstrating for democracy while Saturn likes things the way they are.

This pattern may continue some into next year but more likely is that with expansive Jupiter moving into the compassionate sign of Pisces on December 29th and making a conjunction with Neptune next April, we could be heading for a more peaceful and charitable year ahead. More on this next time.

Go well, stay well and have a happy Christmas.


Christmas Street with snow and Christmas decorations. Children playing and Santa Claus riding in on a horse-drawn carriage
Victorian Advent Calendar

Key Dates this month:

28-NovChristians celebrate First Sunday of Advent
29 November – 6 DecemberJews celebrate Hanukkah
01-DecNeptune turns direct in Pisces
04-DecNew Moon in Sagittarius – Solar Eclipse07:44
08-DecBuddhists celebrate Bodhi Day
11-DecVenus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
19-DecFull Moon in Gemini04:35
Chiron turns direct in Aries
21-DecSun enters Capricorn – Midwinter Solstice16:00
Wiccans and Pagans celebrate Yule
24-DecChristmas Eve
24-DecSaturn squares Uranus
25-DecChristmas Day
29-DecJupiter enters Pisces
31-DecNew Year’s Eve
01-Jan-22New Year’s Day
02-Jan-22New Moon in Capricorn18:35

All Key Date times are GMT



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