Moonletter December 2022

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 23 November 2022 with the new moon in Sagittarius and spanning the full moon in Gemini on 8 December 2022.


New Moon in Sagittarius- 23 November 


After all the tensions and dramas of the lunar eclipse at the last full moon, the new moon on 23rd November is in Sagittarius and it forms a relaxed, beneficial trine to Jupiter. Compared to the hidden intents and dark dramas of Scorpio, Sagittarius is more the onward and upward type – open air, freedom and positivity. Plus, there’s the good connection with Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, the teacher who helps us develop our broader understanding of the world.

But just a bit more about the consequences of the last eclipse on November 8th. This coincided with the midterm elections in the US, the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk and the disastrous collapse of a crypto exchange. In other words, the worlds of power and money. These events evidence the working out of the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus with the tension between Saturn’s contentment with the status quo and Uranus’ demand for change towards greater democracy. In addition, there is the influence of Uranus’ trip through Taurus, disrupting the world of finance, redefining priorities and preparing us for the shift of the centre of gravity when Pluto moves into Aquarius. More on this next time when we plan to do a bit of an overview of the coming year.

So, back to the new moon. At the moment Sagittarius is being opposed by a retrograde Mars in Gemini. This retrograde happens about every 26 months and lasts for 80 days. Mars started its retrograde on October 30th and will go direct again on January 12th, finally coming out of its retrograde shadow on March 15th.  Astrologically, Mars is about decisions, action and will power. While Mars is retrograde, decisions and actions could be more difficult. Better some preparation work, check your impulses, have a look at what motivates you, and prepare for the next stage of the journey. There’s more on ‘Mars the Motivator’ in a new article on the moonletter website here.

The symbol for Mars is also the biological symbol for the male. And with Mars retrograde in Gemini, it’s time to have a look at our ideas – Gemini deals with ideas and communication – about masculinity, and what it means to be a man in this world. It’s also a time for women to become more aware of their masculine side. Check out the piece on Mars and Venus in relation to gender here.

Full Moon in Gemini – 8 December 

Retrograde Mars is also strongly figured at the full moon. In fact, it will be pretty well exactly conjunct the moon in Gemini – only a bare 6 minutes of arc separating them! Should be quite a show in the sky the evening before, but maybe not as spectacularly cool as the Jupiter-moon conjunct we’ve had recently.

In a birth chart, the moon represents our automatic response to situations. What we do instinctively and unconsciously. For example, moon in Cancer’s response is to protect. Moon in Aries’ response tends to be impulsive. Moon in Libra’s response tends to be careful and considered. While the moon in Gemini needs to talk about it and rationalise it, whatever it is. With Mars energising the moon in Gemini, it’s a time for discussions and debates, and using logic to try and bash through the general confusion presented by the square from Neptune.

Fortunately, things are mitigated by a supportive angle from Saturn to Mars, getting us to slow down a bit so that responses are less on a hair trigger. Also to mention, with Neptune in the mix adding a lack of clarity and layer of suspicion, decisions made around this time may have to be reversed later – particularly decisions regarding whom to trust.

Also, with Venus in idealistic Sagittarius with a tough angle from Jupiter in the last degree of compassionate Pisces, there’s the risk of self-deception or being taken in / scammed by those playing guru. This suggests that it’s a time to apply a bit more realism / scepticism in relationships. More broadly speaking, groupthink and the ideological echo chamber will seem comfortably seductive around this time. Better off keeping your counsel and putting this energy into some creative activity.

Go well and stay well


Buddha statue surrounded by thousands of candles
Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day – the day Buddha attained enlightenment

Key Dates this month:

22-NovSun enters Sagittarius08:22
23-NovNew moon in Sagittarius22:58
Jupiter turns direct in Pisces
24-NovAmericans Celebrate Thanksgiving
04-DecNeptune turns direct in Pisces
08-DecFull moon in Gemini04:08
Buddhists celebrate Bodhi day
12-DecMercury enters retrograde shadow zone
18-26 DecemberJews celebrate Hanukkah
20-DecJupiter enters Aries
21-DecSun enters Capricorn – Winter Solstice21:49
Pagans and Wiccans celebrate Yule
23-DecNew moon in Capricorn10:18
24-DecChristmas Eve
25-DecChristmas Day
29-DecMercury turns retrograde in Capricorn till 18 January

All Key Date times are GMT



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