Moonletter December – January 2021

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 14th December 2020 with the new moon in Sagittarius, and spanning the full moon in Cancer on 30th December 2020.

New Moon in Sagittarius – Total Solar Eclipse – 14 December

Lots of changes coming in the next moon cycle. The eclipse on December 14th is followed by Jupiter moving into Aquarius on 17th, followed by Saturn on the 19th and they then make a conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius right on the day of the solstice.

Jupiter and Saturn make a conjunction every 20 years, but they haven’t been conjunct in Aquarius since 1405 – that’s before Christopher Columbus discovered America, before the fall of Constantinople, before the death of Joan of Arc … it’s been a while.

This year, 2020 has seen the conjunction of Saturn-Pluto leave systems of business and government barely able to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. Business and government are ruled by Capricorn which is where the conjunction took place last January. Maybe Aquarius can solve the problems that Capricorn is still struggling with.

Back to the forthcoming new moon/solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Unless you’re in Argentina or Chile, you won’t get to see it. But wherever you are, you might feel its influence. Sagittarius is the sign that expands our understanding and opens our minds to philosophical and religious ideas. When it works well, it’s renowned for clear judgement. When it’s off, it’s dogmatic and ideologically motivated. Nothing is more dangerous (as a friend of mind used to say) than a Sagittarian who is sure they are right. Plus, the new moon is an eclipse and the moon will be seen to block out the light of the sun. We’re looking at a strong karmic influence. In other words, the issues that arise will come from unresolved business of the past.

Colouring the eclipse there’s a trine from Mars in Aries, adding a sense of urgency to proceedings. Deadlines are approaching, there are things to be done. There’s also a difficult angle from Neptune in Pisces. When Neptune’s energy flows, it’s compassionate and insightful, giving awareness of greater spiritual purpose. Here however, it could add doubt to the Sagittarian certainty, or it could shift the focus to image rather than practicalities adding confusion and paranoia to the proceedings.

Just be glad you’re not negotiating Brexit or dealing with the end of one presidential term and the beginning of another or handling any of the other geopolitical crises that seem to be bubbling.

In this situation it would be good to look at Saturn for some stability, but Saturn will be in the very last degree of Capricorn, carrying with it all the unresolved governmental and financial business of the last 30 months, about to make the aforementioned shift into Aquarius and the conjunction with Jupiter.

So, we look to the balance point in Virgo as a way through this scenario. Just to get on with the routine practicalities of day-to-day life. Virgo wants to know if you’re eating properly, not overindulging in the booze (pace Neptune’s influence), making sure that schedules are kept, and things are put away after use. The devil as they say is in the detail.


Full Moon in Cancer – 30 December

By the full moon, the sun is back in Capricorn and Jupiter and Saturn have moved on into Aquarius. They’re going to be making a series of squares with Uranus over the next few months. On the positive side, Aquarius won’t be shy to fill the gap left by governments with community support and community action. On the downside however, it could allow more space for the crazier elements of the disaffected.

The coming full moon pre-echoes some of this. The sun and moon are picking up tough angles from the centaur Chiron, showing us where we are wounded and where we have to heal. And I don’t just mean in terms of the pandemic. I’m talking about our sense of who we are, both in ourselves and in relationship to others.

There’s also a square between Venus the planet of love and values, and Neptune the lord of the mystical oceans. This can open us to greater awareness of our identity as spiritual beings and our connectedness to all life. That degree of empathy can be painful as well as inspiring. It can also open us to deception. I recommend a reality check before committing to any new game.

January 6th, twelfth night, and the Christmas season is over. Mars moves out of the action-packed fire sign of Aries into the calm, unflappable earth sign of Taurus. Things slow down. There are new realities to adjust to.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a good break over the holiday season.

Go well and stay well


Stonehenge in Winter

Key Dates this month:

14-DecNew Moon in Sagittarius – Total Eclipse of the Sun16:18
17-DecSaturn enters Aquarius
19-DecJupiter enters Aquarius
21-DecWinter Solstice – Sun enters Capricorn10:03
Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius
23-DecMars squares Pluto
24-DecChristmas Eve
25-DecChristmas Day
30-DecFull Moon in Cancer03:28
01-JanNew Years Day
06-JanChristians celebrate Epiphany
06-JanMars enters Taurus
11-JanJupiter sextile Chiron
13-JanNew Moon in Capricorn05:01
Mars squares Saturn
14-JanUranus turns direct in Taurus

All Key Date times are GMT



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