Moonletter February 2019

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on February 4th 2019 with the new moon in Aquarius and spanning the full moon in Virgo on February 19th 2019.

New Moon in Aquarius – 4 February

image of pig on golden coin commemorating chinese year of the pigThe eclipse season is over till July and on 4th February we’re into a new Lunar (Chinese) year, the year of the Earth Pig. For those interested, I’ve included an analysis of this year for the different Chinese animals in a separate pdf.

Meanwhile it’s a new moon in the most human and paradoxical of all the signs, Aquarius – the water carrier, the angel, the evangelist, the bearer of spiritual gifts. But we’re still dealing with the consequences of what started in Capricorn, the tension, the power struggles, the feeling of ‘backs to the wall’. (Please don’t get me started on the political situation…)

But in the middle of all this tension and struggle, there’s a positive easy angle between Venus and Uranus. Uranus is about to leave Aries and this aspect is like a goodbye kiss that you will never forget. Reminding you that, whatever the struggles, love (of whatever flavour) is what holds the world together.

Aquarius reminds us that the most important thing is to stay human – paradoxically the simplest and most complex thing we are asked to do.

Full Moon in Virgo – 19 February

The sun just moves into Pisces and it’s hit by a full moon. And at the same time all three of the interpersonal planets: Mercury, Venus and Mars, are conjunct transpersonal planets. Please allow me to explain the terms before we continue.


The Sun and Moon are not planets, they are known as luminaries. They characterise us at the PERSONAL level.
The moon is what we are born with, what we grow up with. It deals with our needs, how our own needs are met and how we respond to the needs of others. It can be described as the principle of nurturing. It operates largely outside of our conscious control. It is our automatic, instinctual response to situations.
The sun is the principle of consciousness, what we wake up to, what we grow into, what we strive to become. It is the only source of light in the solar system. All the other bodies – planets, moons, asteroids and centaurs – reflect the light of the sun. ¸

Mercury, Venus and Mars are the INTERPERSONAL planets. They deal with how we relate to other individuals.
Mercury deals with communication: the sharing of ideas and information, the education of the child into the language it needs.
Venus is the principle of attraction based on our appreciation of beauty and desire. It gives us our sense of value, what we hold dear, what we will pay for and what we will fight to preserve. »
Mars is the animal connection. It may manifest as physical chemistry or as the urge to compete.

Jupiter and Saturn are the SOCIAL planets. They describe the ways we bring up a child into society.
Jupiter encourages, says “Come on you can do it!”
With Jupiter we have our goals and aspirations, our urge to grow, travel and explore.
Saturn admonishes and warns, says “No don’t do that! That’s wrong, that’s dangerous.”
Saturn gives us limits, teaches us control through discipline, gives us a sense of what is real and what is not.

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were not known to the ancient world and were only discovered with the aid of technology. Their influence goes beyond the personal and the social. It is TRANSPERSONAL and generational.

Uranus breaks the limiting protective shell of Saturn with its rules, conventions and social norms. It thinks ‘out of the box’ because it doesn’t recognise any box. It invents, it makes new. Its action is sudden because it has nothing to do with linear time.
Neptune is imagination, our gateway to the infinite. It dissolves the boundaries between inner and outer, between self and other, asks “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” Presents us with the universal context of our existence, the cosmic ocean in which we swim.
Named after the lord of the underworld in Greek mythology, Pluto is concerned with “Tod und Verklärung” – death and transfiguration, the cycle of life. It is the use of power to create or destroy. It is the power of taboo and the breaking of taboos.
We are currently in the process of discovering other bodies further out beyond Pluto – bodies whose orbital periods are not just longer than the human lifespan but longer than human history. These are bodies whose astrological associations we are only just beginning to understand, whose actions may be to do with our life on this planet and our survival as species. But these do not concern us here, nor do the centaurs such as Chiron, Pholus and Nessus. They will have their say at the appropriate time.

Please note that these descriptions of the planets are merely sketches – there is much more to say for each of them.


So, back to the full moon on February 19th, with the three interpersonal planets conjunct the transpersonal planets.

Mercury is conjunct Neptune.
Venus is sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto
Mars is conjunct Uranus.

Neptune conjuncting Mercury can affect communication, on the one hand causing confusion between what is said and what is implied; on the other hand giving us insights into the hidden messages and underlying assumptions.

Venus, between the limiting force of Saturn and the transformative power of Pluto could manifest as the toughest of tough love. This requires discipline backed by compassion and total integrity. It may even be necessary to just walk away. Or it may be a time away from the emotional needs of others.

Mars has just moved from Aries into Taurus and Uranus is about to follow. Whatever else is going on, this is a time of courage and the ability to take risks.

Our day to day interactions with each other take on greater resonance at this time.

Go well


Key Dates this month:

02-FebPagans celebrate Imbolc
Christians celebrate Candlemas
04-FebNew Moon in Aquarius21:05
05-FebChinese / Lunar New Year. Year of the Pig begins
13-FebMars conjunct Uranus in the last degree of Aries
14-FebLovers celebrate St Valentine’s Day
Mars enters Taurus
18-FebSun moves into Pisces23:05
Chiron enters Aries
19-FebFull Moon in Virgo15:53
05-MarMercury turns retrograde in Pisces till 28 March
Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras / Pancake Day
06-MarNew Moon in Pisces16:04
Ash Wednesday – Lent begins for Christians
Uranus enters Taurus

All Key Date times are GMT

How to look after your Aquarian

Aquarius is the sign of paradox so we’re going to start paradoxically by looking at Aquarius from its opposite sign, Leo. For those of you who know cats, you know the deal. Cats (unlike dogs) are independent. They go out when they want, they come back when they want. They do not have to justify themselves to anyone. As with cats, so with Aquarians. Don’t try and question them, don’t ask for explanations or justifications. They just do what they do. But the main difference is that Aquarians know how to open tins (most of them anyhow) and, with certain notable exceptions, will not leave dead birds on the kitchen floor as a ‘gift’.

The Aquarian mind is scientific and experimental. They’ll make an intuitive leap and see the answer to a problem without going through all the intermediate steps. Please don’t ask them to explain how they got there. They may be polite and feel obliged to come up with some post-justification just to keep you satisfied and get you off their case.

Facility with advanced technology is common to many Aquarians. Some say that Aquarians are in fact time travellers from the future. We can neither confirm nor deny this assertion. In particular, female Aquarians will resent ‘mansplaining’ from chaps who think they know the technology better than they do.

Aquarians are quite comfortable with the gender-queer and the non-binary. Any attempt to impose traditional gender roles on them is a total waste of time.

They are well-known for their detachment and are constitutionally immune to emotional manipulation. So please don’t ask them to play a part in any movie where outpourings of sentiment are required. They don’t do it. It’s not their style.

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