Moonletter February – March 2021

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 11th February 2021 with the new moon in Aquarius, and spanning the full moon in Virgo on 27th February 2021.

New Moon in Aquarius 11 February – Lunar New Year

Chinese image of Ox

“Gong Xi Fa Cai” as they say in Mandarin. May you have a prosperous new year! It’s the new moon in Aquarius and the Lunar New Year, and it’s time for the rat to take its leave and the ox to take over. What sort of year it will be for you depends on the animal that rules the lunar year you were born. But in general, we’re leaving the year of the opportunistic, canny rat and moving into the year of the straightforward, determined and stubborn ox.

For western astrologers we’re looking at a new moon with a bunch of six planets in Aquarius. In addition to the sun and moon, there are Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Aquarius is a sign that loves to experiment, and we need Aquarian ‘out of the box’ thinking to help us deal with the bureaucratic legacy of Capricorn. Aquarius is the master of workarounds, hacks, patches, temporary fixes that become permanent, and alternative measures in general.

And it looks like we’ll be needing all these tricks with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, which has been causing computer and communications issues since 30 January. It should sort itself out mostly when Mercury turns direct on 21 February.

In addition, Uranus, the disruptor is in Taurus challenging the Aquarian planets. It makes a square to Saturn three times over the next twelve months highlighting the tension between the need to be socially responsible and the desire to bust free. This is manifesting already as the unrest in many cities around the world. The challenge, however, is to balance these forces, to move with the changes and embrace the new (Uranus) while keeping up with obligations and responsibilities (Saturn). In the middle of all this, remember that Aquarius values friendships above all else.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the new moon is interesting, “A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from his experience”. Aquarius is the most logical and dispassionate of signs. Mr Spock of Star Trek fame was definitely Aquarian. In addition, the idea of teaching from experience is typically Aquarian as well. This teaching does not come from ‘book learning’ but rather from what has been lived. This really feels like the energy of Saturn in Aquarius – the experience that teaches wisdom.


Full Moon in Virgo – 27 February


The build up to the full moon on 27th February is touched with a fast-moving energy between Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. You may find that decisions that have been put off for whatever reason can be made more easily now. That is so long as you don’t charge through all resistance with high-octane willpower. There are all sorts of balances to be kept.


Between the physical and the spiritual

This is always there. It being too easy to get lost in the needs of the material world. Maybe be slowing down we can find the simple touches of poetry in the everyday. These keep us connected.


Between the traditional and the new

Saturn representing the limits of traditional certainty and Uranus the disruptor reminding us of the need for change. Both need to be honoured.


Between personal needs and the needs of relationships

The moon in Virgo asks us to keep good tidy boundaries and know what is mine and what is yours, while the sun in Pisces reminds us that we are all part of the one consciousness, that ‘I’ is part of a greater ‘we’.

And in the middle of all this there is what inspires each of us, in other words what resonates with our soul and how it is possible for us to live that in the world.

Go well and stay well



Key Dates this month:

11-FebNew Moon in Aquarius19:07
Chinese (Lunar) New Year – Year of the Ox begins
14-FebLovers celebrate St Valentines Day
15-FebBuddhists celebrate Nirvana Day
16-FebShrove Tuesday – Pancake Day
17-FebLent begins for Christians
17-FebSaturn Square Uranus
18-FebSun Enters Pisces10:45
21-FebMercury turns direct in Aquarius
25-FebMars Trine Pluto
26-FebJews celebrate Purim
28-FebFull Moon in Virgo08:17
04-MarMars enters Gemini
10-MarMuslims celebrate Lailat al Miraj
13-MarNew Moon in Pisces10:21

All Key Date times are GMT



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