Moonletter January 2019

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on January 6th 2019 with the new moon in Capricorn and spanning the full moon in Leo on January 21st 2019.

New Moon in Capricorn – Eclipse of the Sun – 6 January


At the new moon on January 6th, the sun and moon in Capricorn are sandwiched between a closing conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is concerned with the constraints placed upon us by social conventions and mores (what Facebook would term ‘community standards’). It is also concerned with fundamental economic structures – the banking and financial systems. Pluto in Capricorn is concerned with power and the abuse of power, in particular bringing hidden dealings to light. Add the fact that this is an eclipse (just a partial one though) and we have a karmic element added in to the mix. Just be glad you’re not a politician with things to hide…

This mooncycle will demand focus, tenacity, and the ability to put emotion aside. For those familiar with the tarot, have a look at the interpretations for the King and Queen of Swords. For those following the Chinese/Lunar calendar, this is the last mooncycle of the Year of the Dog. Doggie has to let go now.

Balancing all this stuff about money and business is the inexorable rise of awareness of environmental issues. The moon’s north node is in Cancer, the sign that protects the family, the home and the environment.

Full Moon in Leo – Eclipse of the Moon – 21 January

Journalists like attention grabbing headlines and they are calling the lunar eclipse in January “a super blood wolf moon”. According to various news websites, a super full moon is when the moon is closest to the earth. A blood moon is when the moon falls into the shadow of the earth at the time of an eclipse. And a wolf moon is the first moon of the year. It’s just a lunar eclipse FFS! Below is a map of where it will be visible. In the UK and Europe, you will be able to see it around 5/6 in the morning.

map showing path of eclipse in Jan 2019

From an astrological point of view, the sun is right at the beginning of Aquarius and the moon, right at the beginning of Leo. Relationships are on the agenda. There is much to be said, but more to be learned from listening at this time. (Mercury the planet of communication close to the moon’s south node.)

It’s also potentially a time of greater understanding between women and men, with Venus, the planet associated with female sexuality, close to Jupiter, the planet that shows us the bigger picture. And both these planets are in an easy angle to Mars in its own sign of Aries. Venus and Mars playing together… sounds like fun! A chance for women to learn more about their male side and for men to learn more about their female side. But can speedy, dynamic Mars slow down enough to listen and learn?

Go well


Key Dates this month:

01-JanNew Year’s Day
Mars enters Aries
05-JanTwelfth Night
06-JanNew Moon in Capricorn (Partial eclipse of the Sun)01:28
Uranus turns direct in Aries
Christians celebrate Epiphany
13-JanJupiter square Neptune
20-JanSun enters Aquarius09:01
21-JanFull Moon in Leo (Eclipse of the Moon)05:17
21-23 JanuaryMahayana Buddhists celebrate New Year
02-FebPagans celebrate Imbolc
Christians celebrate Candlemas

All Key Date times are GMT

Themes for the year

Happy New Year! We start off this moonletter with a quick look at the main astrological events of the coming year.

On New Year’s Day, Mars enters Aries, its own sign, kickstarting the year into action.

Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius until the beginning of December 2019. When a planet is in its own sign, its energy can be expressed in an unalloyed manner. Jupiter brings positivity, learning and expansion.

Saturn and Pluto closing in to a conjunction in Capricorn which will be exact in January 2020 – more on this below.

Uranus moves into the earth sign of Taurus at the beginning of March. This means that three of the slow-moving outer planets will be in earth signs, further disrupting the world of business and government. How will this disruption manifest? Taurus deals with primary production, in particular agriculture. How will this be affected by climate change over the next 7 years of Uranus’ residence in Taurus?

Eclipse to watch out for – the full moon in Capricorn on July 16th when the moon is lined up with Saturn and Pluto and also the centaur Chariklo. In mythology she was the widow of the centaur Chiron so I’m calling this the widow’s moon and I expect to hear that the wife of a powerful man is widowed at this time.

How to look after your Capricorn

Capricorns are into rules, so here are the rules:

Number one. Capricorns are in general risk-averse (unless they have something whacky in their chart like Sagittarius or Aquarius). So please don’t spring surprises on them. They have their plans and their structure. If any changes are proposed, they need to assess or calculate the probability of success or failure of any such change.

Number two. Capricorns need time before they commit to anything. They need to know that the deal is solid. So, give them time to check the basis of any project or relationship proposition. Once they are sure however, their loyalty is absolute.

Number three. Whatever it is, it has to serve a purpose. For example, something like a Patek Philippe watch might be considered an unnecessary, even frivolous expense by many, but for the Capricorn it has the function as an expression of their prestige.

Number four. Ostentation, nix, nix. Showing off is anathema to Capricorns. They work quietly, diligently and they expect to be rewarded for their efforts.

Number five. Don’t expect an emotional response from them. They have feelings of course but the way they are expressed is low-key and subtle. A quiet ‘thank you’ from a Capricorn means a lot.

Number six. Laugh at their jokes. Believe it or not, Capricorns are renowned for their sense of humour. I’m loath to analyse humour but just to say that Capricorns can calmly rip the assumptions from underneath your feet. Their style can be typified as dead-pan, ironic, even surrealistic.

Please note, that Capricorns are currently under pressure with both Saturn and Pluto transiting their sign. Saturn leaves at the end of 2020. Pluto leaves in 2024. For many this would mean a very challenging time, but for Capricorns this challenge will bring out their best. The rewards come in 2020 when beneficent Jupiter enters their sign.

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