Moonletter January 2022

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 2 January 2022 with the new moon in Capricorn, and spanning the full moon in Cancer on 17 January 2022.

A bit about the coming year 


The next new moon is on January 2nd but before we look at that, I want to give a bit of an overview of the coming year; a year with quite a different flavour from 2021.

Firstly, February 1st marks the end of the year of the Metal Ox and the beginning of the year of the Water Tiger. Even without a great deal of familiarity with the Chinese animal years, we can see a shift from the persistence, hard work and focus of the Ox to the faster, braver, more creative energy of the Tiger. More on this next time.

The main planetary change is the move of Jupiter into Pisces on 29th December. Jupiter was considered the ruler of Pisces until Neptune was discovered. They now share rulership of this sign. Not only that, Jupiter will make a conjunction with Neptune on April 12th. The last time these two slow-moving planets were conjunct in Pisces was 1856, shortly after Neptune’s discovery. In addition to the Neptunian influence as evidenced by the development of anaesthetics and photography, this time was also the birth of spiritualism and psychology.

This time round, Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012 and will move on into Aries in April 2025 and the Jupiter conjunct brings the energies of this planet into clearer focus. Neptune is a transpersonal planet whose influence is generational rather than personal. In an individual’s chart it can lead to a heightened experience of music, enhanced powers of empathy and spiritual awareness. On the downside, it can also lead to confused thinking and blur the boundaries between illusion and reality. In addition, the sensitivity that Neptune can bring to an individual can be difficult to bear, particularly when we are exposed to all the news that happens in the world, not just in words but in sounds and images (Neptune rules images).

The coming year with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction could lead to an increase in compassion as the far-out transpersonal energies of Neptune are translated into the social world of Jupiter. Not just regarding the news of what may be physically distant from us, but also regarding our own everyday lives: how we treat each other, how we do business with each other, how we look after those less fortunate.

Jupiter moves rapidly through Pisces and will have moved on into the sign of Aries by May, and then with a brief reprise of Pisces in late autumn it will take up residence in Aries next December. No, the planets don’t move backwards, they just appear to move backwards as they are overtaken by the Earth.

New Moon in Capricorn – 2 January


The first new moon of 2022. And the last mooncycle of the year of the Metal Ox before the Lunar New Year on February 1st. Meanwhile, there’s a whole moon cycle to get through as the Ox completes its last furrow.

At the time of the new moon, retrograde Venus is still in a close conjunction with Pluto. Venus is retrograde every 18 months for around 40 days, less frequently in fact than Mercury. Venus deals with relationships, not only personal but also close business partnerships. This retrograde period is in Capricorn, which is to do with obligations and contracts (including finances). We may not have had a written agreement but there is still an understanding that, “our relationship is this and not that.” This Venus retrograde period gives us a chance to see how a relationship has changed over the years or to measure the distance from previous relationships and how our values have changed.

With Pluto hitting on the retrograde Venus, things may take a more dramatic and possibly critical turn due to the pressures of the pandemic and the changes in the business environment. Retrograde Venus gives us a window where we can look back and get a sense of how our hopes and expectations have been fulfilled. Ever-practical Capricorn asks, “Am I getting the returns on my investment in this deal?” Venus heads direct on 29th January and is out of the retrograde shadow zone by 1st March.


Full Moon in Cancer – 17th January


Then just before the full moon Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius then falls back into Capricorn before turning direct again just after the New Moon in Aquarius / Lunar New Year. Mercury retrograde periods challenge our assumptions about communications. What are we assuming about the other person that may or may not be correct? Is the message that is sent the same as what is received? Aquarius is typified by its experimental thinking, in other words, trial and error. You didn’t get through? Try again on a different channel or with a different approach. It’s a time to check and double check and always to have a plan B.

Given that we’re in the final stretch of the year of the Ox, things require particular attention. Aquarius rules technology so this is an area of vulnerability. It’s probably best to avoid computer upgrades during this period and to make sure that all your data is backed up.

But the most immediate issue with the full moon is Pluto making a conjunction with the Sun in Capricorn and an opposition with the moon in Cancer. This could be a good time for meditations or rituals with the intent of manifestation. The key with Pluto-moon aspects is to make the ‘wish’ or state the request, then to surrender and know that it is yours. You’ve planted a seed. You don’t want to keep digging it up to see how it’s getting on.

Go well, stay well and wishing you all the best for the coming year.


Key Dates this month:

29-Dec-21Jupiter enters Pisces
31-Dec-21New Year’s Eve
01-Jan-22New Year’s Day
02-Jan-22New Moon in Capricorn18:35
06-JanChristians celebrate Epiphany
07-JanOrthodox Christians celebrate Christmas
14-JanMercury turns retrograde in Aquarius until 4 February
17-JanFull Moon in Cancer23:48
18-JanUranus turns direct in Taurus
20-JanSun enters Aquarius02:40
29-JanVenus turns direct in Capricorn
01-FebNew Moon in Aquarius05:47
Chinese / Lunar New year – Year of Water Tiger begins
02-FebChristians celebrate Candlemas
Pagans celebrate Imbolc
04-FebMercury turns direct in Capricorn

All Key Date times are GMT



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