Moonletter January – February 2021

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 13th January 2021 with the new moon in Capricorn, and spanning the full moon in Leo on 28th January 2020.

New Moon in Capricorn 13 January


Still in shock from the events in Washington, depressed by Brexit, exhausted from the long-drawn-out process of the pandemic, the only place to go is in. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th is the last blast (for a year anyway) of a Sun-Moon-Pluto conjunction which looks like the nadir of the current situation. What is required is to deal with practical necessities, face the problems you feel strong enough to face, otherwise sit still.

There are healing energies available to help you. Pluto conjunct the sun and moon takes you into the dark where you will find renewal (all life begins in the dark). Chiron in an exact quintile (fifth of circle) to the sun and moon makes new tools available to help you approach situations from a different angle and offer new ways to move forward.

By the way, the fifth harmonic, associated with quintiles (aspect of 72 degrees) gives the quality of the engineer, the craftsperson, the bricoleur, enabling us to think in a different way, put things together in a different way; necessity being the mother of invention.

constellation of aquarius
Constellation of Aquarius

More generally, Jupiter and Saturn are now in Aquarius, the emphasis has moved from the corporate world of Capricorn to the community context of Aquarius. There is a shift to experimentation rather than following the tried and tested ways of doing things which may no longer work. Plus, networking may be more productive than working through established channels.

Also, to mention that the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on 20th January can bring in accidental conditions. Best to move with Taurus’ care and consideration.

This is the last moon cycle of the year of the Rat. The next one (starting on February 11th) takes us into the year of the Ox. The opportunism of the Rat takes a back seat and it’s time for the diligence and perseverance of the Ox to drive things with a caveat to remember that Oxen can be stubborn.


Full Moon in Leo – 28 January


The full moon in Leo looks a lot more positive. The sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius brings opportunities and the possibility of growth, especially for ventures involving networking, the community or anything humanitarian. There’s also an openness to experimentation but you need to bear in mind the tricky square from Mars and Uranus in Taurus. Traditionally this points to accidental conditions and with a balance point in Scorpio, the bloody-minded persistence of Taurus might need to be tempered some Scorpionic wariness.

Then from 30th January to 21st February communications get mired with the Mercury retrograde in Capricorn (as if bureaucracy could get any slower). Patience and making sure you’ve got copies of all documentation are required.

Go well and stay well



Key Dates this month:

13-JanNew Moon in Capricorn05:01
Mars squares Saturn
14-JanUranus turns direct in Taurus
17-JanJupiter squares Uranus
19-JanSun enters Aquarius20:41
20-JanMars conjuncts Uranus
28-JanFull Moon in Leo19:17
30-JanMercury turns retrograde in Capricorn till 21 February
02-FebChristians celebrate Candlemas
Pagans celebrate Imbolc
11-FebNew Moon in Aquarius19:07
Chinese (Lunar) New Year – Year of the Ox begins
14-FebLovers celebrate St Valentines Day
15-FebBuddhists celebrate Nirvana Day

All Key Date times are GMT



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