Moonletter January – February 2024

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 11 January 2024 with the new moon in Capricorn and spanning the full moon in Leo on 25 January 2024.


New Moon in Capricorn – 11 January 


This is the last mooncycle of the year of the Rabbit before it is replaced by the year of the Dragon. We’ll say more about dragons next time but just to say now that the eastern dragon is a different creature from its western cousin. The eastern dragon is not an evil fire-breathing, maiden-devouring monster. Rather it is a symbol of energy, truth and light.

So back to the new moon in Capricorn on 11th January. The sun and moon are conjunct Pluto, days before Pluto transits into Aquarius. When a planet is in the last degree of a sign it often means that everything contained in its passage through that sign is summed up, as one’s life is said to flash before one at the moment of death. During its time in Capricorn, Pluto has challenged the structures of the financial and governmental institutions of many countries and companies.

The sun and moon are in a tough angle to the moon’s north node in Aries adding a bit of karmic bite to proceedings. Also, an easy angle to Uranus in Taurus offers the possibility of new practical solutions. Plus, it’s a time to trust your intuition which may lead you to some good deals.

There’s still not a lot going on in the air signs, so it looks like a recycling of old ideas. It feels like a time of standstill, with everything paused before the changes to come. Then on 20th January the sun moves into Aquarius and there’s a sense of fresh air, plus Mercury now leaves its retrograde shadow zone, easing up and clarifying communications. The following day Pluto moves into Aquarius where it will stay there till September when it pops briefly back into Capricorn before taking up residence in Aquarius from 19th November.

Full Moon in Leo – 25 January


Pluto is now in Aquarius conjunct the sun and opposite the moon in Leo. The whole shebang is squared off by Jupiter in Taurus which means that things could easily go over the top. In mythology Jupiter and Pluto, the gods of the sky and the underworld respectively were brothers whose combined power defeated the Titans, older gods who were a race of giants. Pluto’s name (before it was appropriated by Disney) refers to the riches of the earth. In a challenging angle to Jupiter in financial sign Taurus, it suggests that some may get intoxicated by power (particularly the power of money) which inevitably leads to a nasty fall. In Chinese astrology Jupiter is described as the Grand Duke whom you offend at your own risk.

Any big moves around this time – or big expenditure – would be ill-advised. This is an unstable pattern with a balance point in Scorpio and the only advice you will get from a Scorpio would be to stay hidden and sting if you are stepped on. When the aforementioned year of the dragon begins at the following new moon things are about to change and you’ll have a clearer idea of the way forward.

Great caution is also indicated as Mercury the communicator is backed up by the fiery determination of Mars and verbal confrontation is possible. It depends on your situation and your temperament. It could be the right time to cut the crap and tell some home truths. But with the Mercury-Mars conjunction being stressed out by Chiron, the wounded healer, your words may cut deeply even if delivered with good intent. And, if you’re not careful, you may suffer backlash which could damage your reputation. On the positive side, there’s good backup from Uranus offering inspiration and clarity to help resolve long-standing disagreements.

Also to mention that Neptune, the planet of insight and illusion is unaspected at the time of the full moon. There may be a lot of unsubstantiated news and political spin going on at this time. So best keep a weather eye out for this and for the idiots who may get caught up in it.

Overall things may look dramatic, especially with the moon in Leo. So, for those more drama-averse, where to go for some sanity and stability? Saturn in Pisces’ control rods of compassion putting yourself in the other’s position and Venus in Capricorn’s tendency to reserve would help here if you don’t need the excitement.

Quick overview of 2024


The big astrological news for 2024 is Pluto’s movement into Aquarius for the first time since the end of the 18th century.  Pluto will stay in Aquarius for 20 years before moving on to the sign of Pisces in 2044. See you then! In another article we have looked in greater depth at what to expect.

By the end of January, when Uranus leaves its retrograde period, all the slow-moving planets will be running direct until the end of June. This represents a window of opportunity, hopefully making up for the feeling of stuckness at the end of 2023.

Of the two solar eclipses of the year (they take place roughly every 6 months) the eclipse on 8th April will be visible from Mexico, across the US up to the east coast of Canada and we may catch the tail end of it in western Europe. This is a tightly packed eclipse in Aries with a strong focus and forward impetus. Plus, this will be the last total eclipse visible from North America till 2045.

Jupiter will be moving from solid Taurus into speedy Gemini on 25th May. But before it does that, it makes a conjunction with Uranus on 21st April and the impulse will be for change and freedom.

There’s another forward push with Jupiter in a positive angle with Pluto on 3rd June, Jupiter in early Gemini and Pluto in early Aquarius. And then in August all these forward movements will need to consolidate when Jupiter in Gemini has to fasten its karmic seatbelt and deal with Saturnian moral issues around 19th August.

Then on 2nd September, Pluto slips back into Capricorn for the last time before finally taking up residence in Aquarius on 19th November for the next 20 years. And on 2nd October there’s the second Solar Eclipse of the year, only visible from the Pacific Ocean. Fast forward to the end of March 2025 when Neptune moves on into Aries about which more in due course.

Go well


Key Dates this month:

11-JanNew Moon in Capricorn11:58
20-JanSun enters Aquarius14:08
Mercury leaves the retrograde shadow zone
21-JanPluto enters Aquarius
25-JanFull Moon in Leo17:53
Mahayana Buddhists celebrate New Year
27-JanUranus turns direct in Taurus
02-FebChristians celebrate Candlemas
Pagans and Wiccans celebrate Imbolc
Brazilians celebrate festival of Yemanja
09-FebNew Moon in Aquarius23:00
Lunar New Year : Year of Wood Dragon Begins
Golden Week holiday begins in China

All Key Date times are GMT


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