Moonletter July 2019

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on July 2nd 2019 with the new moon in Cancer and spanning the full moon in Capricorn on July 16th 2019.

New Moon in Cancer – Eclipse of the Sun – 2 July

The eclipse season in July starts with a total solar eclipse as the moon blots out the light of the sun. This eclipse will be only visible in the south Pacific and across Chile and Argentina. But its astrological impact will be felt worldwide as the sun and moon in Cancer move towards an opposition with Saturn and Pluto.

Symbolically the moon blotting out the sun suggests the lunar unconscious blotting out the solar conscious. A change in perception is called for as there are things that can only be seen in a dim light. The shadow side (in the Jungian sense) cannot be ignored.

For Jung, the shadow represents the unacceptable side of ourselves, the side that we reject, that we do not want to admit. This unacceptable side is often projected onto others and we blame them for flaws and vices that are our own. By accepting the shadow, we can become conscious of it and can control it rather than being controlled by it and we become whole. (See Ursula Le Guin’s ‘A Wizard of Earthsea’)

But the shadow is not only personal – the parts of my nature that I don’t like to admit to; it is also collective – the dark episodes of our national history that we would rather forget, aspects of our culture that we prefer to ignore. And it is the moon that connects us to the collective, the social, the public sphere through our unconscious responses and unspoken agreements, while the sun is our individuality, the light of our personal consciousness which gives us our ability to choose our own path.

And with Saturn and Pluto opposing the sun and moon, the side of our shadow that is there to be recognised and accepted is the dark business of power and control.

For while Cancer has a deep instinct to protect home, family, tribe and nation, it can often see ‘the other’ as a threat to be repelled rather than a difference to be accepted and learned from.

Also, during this period, communication looks due for disruption, with Mercury hit by Mars and taking a sideswipe from Uranus. Arguments and accidents are potential. We may also be more sensitive to personal slights. In addition, it could be a good time to make sure that computer data is backed up, particularly before Mercury goes retrograde on 7th July.

Full Moon in Capricorn – Eclipse of the Moon – 16 July

At the full moon the opposition between Cancer and Capricorn is even more marked. The Cancer sun directly illuminates the Capricorn moon – or it would do if the Earth wasn’t in the way, casting its shadow on the moon – only partially this time but enough.

Normally at a full moon, the sun shines directly onto the side of the moon that faces the Earth. In astrological terms, solar consciousness illuminates the lunar unconscious – there’s the potential to become aware of what is hidden – intuition is full on – and instinctive unconscious energy cannot be contained. But when the Earth’s shadow darkens the moon, the karmic business of the Earth’s peoples hijacks the agenda.

Throughout the centuries the games of power and control have been played out through politics often fuelled by religious belief and tribal gods. This full moon eclipse brings the agenda of Saturn and Pluto into consciousness to prepare us for the exact conjunction in January 2020. We are in the second act of this drama before things resolve (one way or the other) next year.

But at this full moon we also have Venus close to the moon’s north node in Cancer. Venus, the planet of love, offering a solution, or at least an aspiration towards a solution. For love is the shadow side of power. Back to Jung for the last word:

Where love rules, there is no will to power; where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.

Carl Jung

Go well


Key Dates this month:

2 July New Moon in Cancer – Total Solar Eclipse19:17
07-JulMercury turns retrograde in Leo
09-JulChiron turns retrograde in Aries
16 July Full Moon in Capricorn – Partial Lunar Eclipse21:38
23-JulSun enters Leo02:52
1 August New Moon in Leo03:13
Mercury turns direct in Cancer
Pagans celebrate Lughnassad – beginning of the harvest season

All Key Date times are GMT

How to look after your Cancerian

Cancer as a water sign like Pisces and Scorpio feels many things that cannot always be put into words: the need to feel safe, to be protected and also to protect others. The need for home, family and belonging. These form the foundation of Cancer’s pyramid of needs.

The sculpture on the right by Henry Moore expresses this emotion. The hard, outer carapace containing the soft embryonic figure within. The need to protect the fragile form so that it can survive in a harsh world.

Hard outside and soft inside, that’s the crab. And it is never a good idea to try and break through to find out what they ‘really feel’.

Remember that Cancer is ruled by the moon whose appearance changes as it goes through its phases. And in the same way Cancerians go through moods that they cannot control let alone explain themselves. Moods come and go – just let them get on with it.

Allow your Cancerian to look after you, to attend to your needs, but make sure that the equation is balanced, that their needs are met as well. The occasional cuddle will do wonders!

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