Moonletter July 2020

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on June 21st 2020 with the new moon in Cancer, and spanning the full moon in Capricorn on July 5th, 2020.

New Moon in Cancer – 21 June – Annular eclipse of the sun

New moon exactly on the Summer Solstice. And it’s an eclipse as well – an annular eclipse which means that the moon doesn’t cover the sun completely, it will leave a ring where the sun is visible – hence the name. The path of the eclipse will be from central Africa to Ethiopia, then across south of the Arabian peninsula to Pakistan, the north of India, Tibet, into China, then across Taiwan and out into the Pacific Ocean. In south east Europe it will be just visible as a partial eclipse.

June 21st is the longest day in the northern hemisphere. Astrologically the sun has reached the end of the sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. It crosses a cusp that represents the transition from the space of shared communication in Gemini to the emotional sensibility of Cancer with its concern for family and environment. Cancer is ruled by the moon and here at the eclipse we have the moon blocking out the light of the sun on the day when the sun’s power should be at its maximum.

Just to recall the contrast between the sun and the moon in astrological terms. The sun is the light and energy source of the earth and the entire solar system. It represents consciousness. The moon on the other hand is the closest celestial body to the earth. Its light depends on the relative positions of the sun and earth and changes as it orbits the earth in its cycle from new to full and back to new again. Its enduring influence, however, is its gravitational pull. This is not something conscious. Rather it is emotional and instinctive, only becoming accessible to consciousness through the light of the sun.

At this eclipse then, lunar instinct dominates in the tribal sign of Cancer. This could keep the focus on the divisions that are currently being stoked in some parts of the world by some politicians. What helps in this situation is an angle from Saturn in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius reminding us of the oneness of mankind across all the rainbow differences of skin colour, tribe, religion or gender. And if Cancer can accept that we are all one family…


Full Moon in Capricorn – 5 July

Capricorn is getting busy again even before we get to the full moon. Saturn slips back into this sign and there is another conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, the second in a series of three. This series of conjunctions is part of a process of deepening our understanding of what is going on with the current crisis, er… crises. Jupiter shows us the big picture and coupled with Pluto they take us to the depths of significance, working to mine the issues and bring them to the surface. This seems to be one of the side effects of the virus, the exposing of secrets (and lies). The final hit of this series will be in November this year.

This grouping of planets in Capricorn also puts the emphasis on the economic consequences of the crisis. But as they are currently moving retrograde, it’s not the time to push ahead. Dealing with what is immediate and essential while sorting out how we have got to where we are is more than enough.

But there’s support coming from unexpected places: a cool trine between Uranus the innovator in Taurus and the moon in Capricorn. Uranus is not concerned with trends and statistics; that’s Saturn’s department. Uranus does not follow the rules of linear time. For example, there can be pre-echoes of events. Also, with Uranus on your side you can switch your point of view of a situation so that you see it from a new angle and notice opportunities where previously none existed.

Uranus also reveals the flip side of people and situations. In Jungian terms this unexpressed, unmanifest side is known as the shadow. We often reject the shadow side of ourselves because we feel it is unacceptable. What we cannot accept about ourselves we often criticize and attack in others. That is our shadow. So, if you want to know about someone’s shadow side, look at what they blame others for.


Key Dates this month:

18-JunMercury turns retrograde in Cancer till 12 July
20-JunSummer Solstice – Sun enters Cancer21:45
21-JunNew Moon in Cancer – Eclipse of the Sun (Annular)06:43
23-JunNeptune turns retrograde in Pisces
25-26 JuneDragon Boat Festival in China
30-JunJupiter conjunct Pluto
02-JulSaturn retrogrades back into Capricorn
05-JulFull moon in Capricorn – Lunar Eclipse04:46
11-JulChiron turns retrograde in Aries
12-JulMercury turns direct in Cancer
20-JulNew moon in Cancer17:34
22-JulSun enters Leo08:38

All Key Date times are GMT

Mercury retrograde in Cancer

With all this activity in Capricorn it’s important to bear in mind the impact on its opposite sign of Cancer. We can picture this polarity in various ways. Capricorn as the state, Cancer as the people. Capricorn as cold practicality. Cancer as the feeling of belonging.

And with Mercury moving retrograde in Cancer from 18th June to 12th July, we’re looking at a time of misunderstandings as Cancer tends to see things, or rather, feel things from a tribal perspective. We can already see this with the reactions to the murder of George Floyd, where the cop comes to represent all white people and the victim all black people. Another way of looking at it without the tribal overlay is in terms of uncontrolled authority and the victims of oppression, regardless of ethnicity.

The Cancerian concern with history and heritage is also part of the discussion and I expect the mutual misunderstandings regarding commemoration of the past to continue at least until Mercury leaves the shadow zone of its retrograde on 26 July.


Go well and stay well



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