Moonletter July-August 2021

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 10 July 2021 with the new moon in Cancer, and spanning the full moon in Aquarius on 24th July 2021.

New Moon in Cancer – 10 July


Cancer is about feelings and moods, indefinable atmospheres that change and shift, emotions that colour every situation – and not surprisingly it’s a water sign. The water sign in fact. The sign of emotional tides and inundations. The sign that rescues the shipwrecked.

At the new moon, we’re in Cancer’s water-world. The sun and moon in Cancer are picking up signals from Neptune in Pisces. What does the fish know of currents? How do fish navigate to return to their spawning grounds? This subtle wisdom that informs these annual migrations cannot be expressed in the cut and paste of human language.

The symbol of Cancer is the crab. Disturb a crab and it will withdraw into its shell and find a stone to wait under. Cancer knows waiting; if necessary, it will wait for the right tide, the right moment, however long it takes. We mammals know this waiting with the period of gestation, for in medical astrology Cancer rules the uterus.

But opposite the new moon in Cancer is Pluto in Capricorn. And Pluto is presenting an ultimatum, a deadline in fact. It has been called global warming, but now more and more we call it the climate emergency. Pluto, the god of the underworld presents us with a vision of the abyss. And as Nietzsche said, “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

At a more mundane level, Cancer’s main concern is with security and there’s not been a lot of that about recently. So many changes affecting family, home, workplace and environment. Cancer, at its least evolved, can lead us into tribalism, a defensive, almost a ghetto mentality with a tendency to hark back to imagined ‘good ole days’. At its best, it’s a learning from history, a deep appreciation of family and an awareness of the living being of our planet.

In addition, the series of squares between conservative Saturn and radical Uranus is still ongoing this year – Uranus challenging Saturn’s hegemony, Saturn in its co-ruled sign of Aquarius trying to hang on to traditional ideas and traditional ways of doing things. Uranus in Taurus challenging us with new technologies while disrupting and decentralising economies (Taurus being the sign of stored value) with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

And with a Mars-Venus conjunction in Leo a couple of days after the new moon, the creative energy will be running high with an opposition from Saturn requiring you to work within your limits and a square from Uranus setting you a puzzle to solve. If you’re dealing with this in a relationship, the sexual energies of action and attraction will be running high. While the opposition from Saturn in Aquarius may get bored with the ‘same old, same old’, and the square from Uranus may be wanting to kickout to something new, there’s an easy trine from Chiron opening a possibility of healing.

Full Moon in Aquarius – 24 July


“There must be some kind of way outta here, said the Joker to the Thief.”

Bob Dylan. from ‘All Along the Watchtower’.

The sun enters Leo on 22nd July and just two days later it’s opposed by the moon in Aquarius for a full moon. A full moon in sociable Aquarius can be loud and lively; the sun is fully illuminating the moon, the energy is full on, intuition is at its strongest. And with Jupiter opposing and amplifying the midpoint of Mars and Venus it looks like we’re in for a busy time with potential for lots of ‘pleasurable friction’ as Stephanie Johnson, one of my favourite astrologers puts it.

It’s also a time for getting down to the real issues with Pluto adding depth to Mercury’s communications channel, allowing important stuff to come to the surface and be discussed at least.

digital sculpture of female centaur
Centaur, maybe Chariklo

But going deeper beneath the surface, this full moon has the moon exactly conjunct the centaur Chariklo. In mythology she was the wife of Chiron. She cared for him after he took a hit from a poisoned arrow leaving him in agony but as an immortal, he was unable to die. This is the irony of Chiron, the master healer who was unable to heal himself. All Chariklo could do was to care for him, enduring the situation, not knowing how long it would last.

And this is Chariklo’s journey, By staying with the pain and going through it, it transmuted into a divine connection. Chariklo offers us the respite of the sacred. She leads us to a sacred space within ourselves, to create or discover a place in our everyday lives where we can re-energise and heal.

In this way the full moon on 24th July offers us the possibility of sanctuary. And within that sacred space it may be possible for us to connect with higher energies – with Neptune’s spiritual vision and Uranus’ clarity of foresight – as these two planets form septile aspects to the full moon, or in other words making conjunctions to the moon at the seventh harmonic, which resonates more with the soul rather than with the way we act in the everyday world.

This is the possibility that Chariklo allows us. And by the way, Chiron did eventually find release from pain, when the gods took pity on him and allowed him to renounce his immortality.

Go well and stay well



Key Dates this month:

10-JulNew moon in Cancer01:18
13-JulVenus conjunct Mars in Leo
15-JulChiron turns retrograde in Aries
18-JulJews commemorate Tisha B’Av
20-JulEastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Pentecost
Moslems celebrate Eid Al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)
22-JulSun enters Leo14:28
24-JulFull moon in Aquarius02:38
Buddhists celebrate Dharma Day
28-JulJupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius
01-AugChristians celebrate Lammas
Wiccans and Pagans celebrate Lughnassad
08-AugNew moon in Leo13:51
10-AugMoslems celebrate new year

All Key Date times are GMT



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