Moonletter July – August 2023

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 17 July 2023 with the new moon in Cancer and spanning the full moon in Aquarius on 1 August 2023.


New Moon in Cancer – 17 July 


The new moon is in Cancer which is the natural home of the moon. Here solar consciousness is overwhelmed by the emotional sensibilities of the moon. And with the sun and moon opposed by Pluto, it’s time for power games to be revealed. Pluto has slipped back into Capricorn so we’re revisiting issues of abuse of power – particularly by corporates and governments. Every new moon is a darkness out of which comes a new beginning. And at this new moon with the opposition from Pluto and a challenge from the moon’s nodes bringing in a karmic dimension, a window of awareness opens, the awareness of what we have created. But also a new understanding of how our thoughts, feelings and attitudes, having shaped the world, can also change the world.

I’m reminded of hexagram 18 in the I Ching ‘Work on what has been spoiled’ which says, “What has been spoiled through man’s fault can be made good again through man’s work. It is not immutable fate … that has caused the state of corruption, but rather the abuse of human freedom.”

Plus, with Mars having moved on and now opposing Saturn in Pisces we have a situation where timing is everything. For Mars is the accelerator (gas pedal) and Saturn is the brake. They must both be used judiciously and at the appropriate time.

Full Moon in Aquarius – 1 August 


Then there’s a full moon at Lammastide. Lammas or to give it its original Celtic name, Lughnasadh is a  pagan festival that falls half way between the summer solstice of June 21st and the autumn equinox of September 21st. Traditionally it was when the grain harvest began and in fact the name Lammas is short for ‘loaf mass’ when the first loaves of the season were taken to church to be blessed.

At the time of the full moon the sun in Leo and the moon in Aquarius are both receiving tense aspects from the planet Jupiter in Taurus. In this sign Jupiter is feeling benevolent and generous and is looking for some luxury and comfort with relaxed social gatherings being well-starred. But as it’s a tense angle there should be a bit of restraint to stop things going over-the-top. The other caveat is to honour the balance point in Scorpio – meaning to be aware that there may be unresolved conflicts and grudges lurking beneath the surface, and that any thoughts of revenge must be considered ill-advised.

The other thing to mention is that Mercury, the planet of communications is receiving a hit from Saturn, the planet whose business is to limit and control, asking us to step back from any communications challenges, disagreements or misunderstandings and simply listen. Mercury in Virgo is analytical and rational but needs to remember that not everyone is on that wavelength. There are those more right-brained and intuitive who feel things holistically, rather than analysing.

Go well


Postage stamp celebrating Lammastide. Showing a horn of plenty, a man with a sickle and a sheaf of wheat an a woman carrying a red rose.

Key Dates this month:

17-JulNew Moon in Cancer18:33
19-JulMoslems celebrate New Year 1445
23-JulSun enters Leo01:52
Venus turns retrograde in Leo until September 4th
27-JulJews commemorate Tisha B’Av
28-JulMoslems commemorate Ashura
01-AugFull moon in Aquarius22:08
Christians celebrate Lammas
Pagans and Wiccans celebrate Lughnasadh
15-AugCatholics celebrate Assumption Day
16-AugNew Moon in Leo09:39

All Key Date times are GMT


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