Moonletter June 2022

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 30 May 2022 with the new moon in Gemini, and spanning the full moon in Sagittarius on 14th June 2022.


New Moon in Gemini – 30 May


Leaving a high-pressure eclipse period, there’s a burst of new energy as Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Aries the day before the new moon. Mars energizes and Jupiter expands and encourages. Mars is in its own sign and is full of confidence while Jupiter should help Mars’ sense of direction. That’s all good as there could be some pretty wild, impulsive energy flying about as this conjunction doesn’t really connect with the rest of the chart.

Apart from this dynamism, there is some negotiating to do in relationships. Some of the old ways of running things are not working. There’s a need of renewal and opening new communication channels whether the relationship is business or personal. The sun and moon are in Gemini after all, and Gemini is about communication and sharing.

By the new moon, Mercury will still be retrograde in the sign of Taurus and as Taurus deals with finances, cash-flow could be an issue, especially as Uranus, the disruptor is also making its way through that sign. Another effect of retrograde Mercury is that what is sent is not always what is received, and this is compounded at this time with a tough angle from Saturn in Aquarius, asking you to be patient and take a trial-and-error approach. Communications should ease up when Mercury goes direct on 3rd June and hopefully so should finances.

So, on the one hand there’s the Mars-Jupiter conjunction with its ‘go for it!’ energy and on the other hand there is the Mercury retrograde square to Saturn in Aquarius slowing things down. Pluto is adding its influence to communications as well, asking us to dig a little deeper to find WTF is going on.

Above it all, there’s a beautiful creative energy at the 13th harmonic, connecting the sun and moon to Venus and Neptune. It’s there for you if you can allow yourself space to find it. Venus is about beauty and Neptune at its best is the power of the imagination. I’m usually reluctant to recommend particular music as it merely reflects my own personal tastes, but here goes anyway: Mozart’s Requiem, Mahler’s 2nd symphony, Chopin’s nocturnes. There are places where words cannot go and only music can take us.

Under Pressure


But the pressure mentioned earlier still continues and this is a longer term process. The tough angle from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus goes on and is apparent in the tension between on the one hand governments, bureaucracy  and big business and on the other hand basic human rights (including the right to protest). Pluto is in the last few degrees of Capricorn the sign of business, and is soon to move on into Aquarius, potentially placing the pressure on social cohesion and demanding regeneration in this area. Plus the United States is going through its first Pluto return (250 years since independence) and the cracks are becoming more and more obvious.

The pressure is as high as I can remember it and the issue at the personal level is how to release it. I am assuming that the readers of the moonletter are endowed with a measure of personal and social awareness, so will sense the pressure and will appreciate that not all folk have the same level of awareness. As we have seen, there are those who will turn to violence as a way of release. This unfortunately is being stoked by the echo chamber that social media has become. By releasing our own tension we can maybe help those who are less able to. The key is to reconnect with the earth, spending time in nature. This will help us centre and increase our ability to release the pressure and carry on.


Full Moon in in Sagittarius – 14 June


At the full moon, things look really busy with lots of running about as befits the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Hopefully this will all be purposeful but, with a confusing square from Neptune, there’s the possibility that things could be left too vague, or missed completely in the melee of toing and froing. It’s a matter of slowing down a bit; better still to pause and relax to allow the diversions and distractions their place while keeping going as befits the general direction of the Sagittarius moon.

And if there’s time for anything else, there’s a conjunction of Mars and Chiron in Mars’ home sign of Aries. This connects to the Mercury in Gemini. So any conflict should be resolvable by discussion. The best strategy is to be aware of ego-reactions (one’s own as well as other’s), to step back and observe one’s own responses.

At the same time, Venus is in its home sign of Taurus close to the moon’s north node. Venus is visible as a morning star a short time before the sun rises in the east. Taurean feelings and instincts lead the way and it’s only later that the brilliant Geminian intellect can come into play.

Go well and stay well


golden sun over a field of dandelion blossom
Sun at Summer Solstice over a field of dandelions

Key Dates this month:

29-MayMars conjunct Jupiter in Aries
30-MayNew Moon in Gemini11:31
03-JunMercury turns direct in Taurus
Chinese celebrate Dragon Boat Festival
04-JunSaturn turns retrograde in Aquarius
05-JunChristians celebrate Pentecost
Jewish festival of Shavuot begins
12-JunOrthodox Christians celebrate Pentecost
14-JunFull Moon in Sagittarius11:51
18-JunMercury retrograde shadow period ends
21-JunSummer Solstice – Sun enters Cancer09:15
28-JunNeptune turns retrograde in Pisces
29-JunNew Moon in Cancer02:53

All Key Date times are GMT



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