Moonletter June 2024

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 6 June with the new moon in Gemini and spanning the full moon in Capricorn on 22 June 2024.


New Moon in Gemini – 6 June 


Wasn’t it a while ago I was going on about a lack of air in the chart? Well, the windows have now been flung open. We’ve not only got a new moon in Gemini but also Venus and Mercury and most significantly, Jupiter. Add to that Pluto in Aquarius and at the time of the new moon we’ve got a total of 6 solar system bodies in air signs.

The element air is about thinking, intelligence, rational processes and communication. Gemini is the fastest moving of the air signs, It has been described as being brilliant at tactical thinking, having the ability to make connections quickly and juggle lots of ideas at the same time. In relationships it can be a bit of flirt and you can never really tell if it’s serious or not but that’s the fun of it. Playfulness is its nature which can sometimes become trickster-like. Loki, the mischievous trickster god from Norse mythology in the eponymous TV series embodies this energy.

Jupiter has been in solid, practical Taurus for the last year. Taurus deals with the value of things and Jupiter in Taurus can lead to economic growth but also to inflation. That should be cooling off now. The energy of this planet, the largest in the solar system, named after the king of the gods in mythology encourages growth, expansion and teaching. In fast-moving, free-thinking Gemini, Jupiter is a long way away from its home sign of Sagittarius where it deals with long-term planning, philosophical and spiritual speculation. It’s like a great professor has been asked to attend elementary school and study skills like grammar and arithmetic rather than the exalted philosophical concepts that it is at home with.

But while Gemini is playful, now it has some big bad toys to play with. And the games it has to play are power games. Apart from the arenas of politics and business, with Venus the planet of relationships and affection in Gemini in an exact tense angle to power-broker Pluto, this can manifest as arguments or battles of will which in extremis can turn into obsessive control games, and manipulation. Hopefully Saturn in compassionate Pisces can introduce some calmness and restraint and remind Gemini that it’s not just about winning and losing and that the essence of the sign of the twins is sharing.



Full Moon in Capricorn – 22 June


The full moon in Capricorn is just two days after the summer solstice. The sun has just moved from Gemini into Cancer, the moon has just moved into Capricorn and they’re both making a tense angle to Neptune in Pisces, hovering at the edge of Aries. Everything has either just happened or is just about to happen. And while the summer solstice and the full moon are both times of completion, it’s a very unstable situation. It’s like we’re at a tipping point in the delicate balance of the world.

The balance point of the chart is on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. In the calendar this is when Virgo’s harvest is weighed on the scales of Libra. The cusp between these two signs is about justice and accountability for Libra is above all concerned with what is fair and balanced. We’re not there yet. All we can do is wait at the balance point as the games of the world go on. Again, this requires patience and stillness.

While Neptune is the planet of spiritual connection and oneness, it can also deal in fantasy and delusion. In a situation like this when it is in a tense angle to the sun and moon, there is the tendency to distract ourselves. Nothing wrong with that of course but distraction demands a return to reality afterwards. This is especially a time to be careful with alcohol and recreational chemicals. A cosmic hangover is something you don’t need at the moment!

Significant at this time is the easy angle between Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius. Jupiter acts as an amplifier for whatever energies it comes into contact with while Pluto is concerned with power and domination. It’s an easy angle meaning that it can be too easy to power our way through situations. That way usually has unintended consequences and can lead to tough lessons. While the secret of Pluto, lord of the underworld is to manifest what we want by surrendering desire.

Go well


Sun at summer solstice over the sea in Iceland.
Midnight Sun in Iceland

Key Dates this month:

02-JunJupiter at the beginning of Gemini trine Pluto at the beginning of Aquarius
06-JunNew Moon in Gemini12:39
12-JunJews celebrate Shavuot
17-JunMuslims celebrate Eid Al Adha
20-JunSun enters Cancer – Summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere20:52
Wiccans and Pagans celebrate Midsummer Solstice
22-JunFull Moon in Capricorn01:09
29-JunSaturn turns retrograde in Pisces
02-JulNeptune turns retrograde in Pisces
05-JulNew Moon in Cancer22:59
08-JulMuslims celebrate Muharram – New Year

All Key Date times are GMT

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