Moonletter June-July 2021

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 10 June 2021 with the new moon in Gemini, and spanning the full moon in Capricorn on 24th June 2021.

New Moon in Gemini – Annular Eclipse of the sun – 10 June   


map of north america showing path of solar eclipse
Path of the solar eclipse on June 10th

At the new moon, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is conjunct the sun and moon. It’s a solar eclipse with the moon blocking out the light of the sun creating a ring of fire. In symbolic terms, the unconscious, instinctive nature of the moon covers and dominates the rational consciousness of the sun. It’s instinct masquerading (for Gemini loves games) as critical thinking.

Add to that a square from Neptune to the sun, moon and Mercury and the game of spin and deceit will probably continue. Many governments seem to be playing this game at the moment. This leaves room of course for the simplistic either-or, black and white thinking of conspiracy. The way through is to sit back and watch it without getting sucked in. To look at situations with some measure of spiritual understanding, and without blame.

These are confusing times, especially as Jupiter which could provide a route to higher understanding and the big picture, is unaspected, not connecting with the rest of the new moon chart, leaving us with a mass or a mess of detail, unable to sort what is important from what isn’t.

Also at the new moon there’s an opposition between Mars and Pluto with Mars at the very end of Cancer, about to go into Leo the following day. Planets at the last degree of a sign tend to carry the baggage of the whole journey through that sign and the pattern of Mars in Cancer is defensive and protective. Its opposition to Pluto could lead to seeing hidden enemies in other words, paranoia.

Fortunately, Saturn in Aquarius is close to a trine to the Sun. Aquarius is about friendships and Saturn adds importance to things. This position of Saturn in easy aspect to the eclipse can help us through the confusion and the illusions, telling us what is important, enabling us to make real connections with others. As the Hopi Elders have said, “The time of the lone wolf is over.” This is the message carried by Saturn in Aquarius.

“It is time to speak your truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for your leader.”

Full Moon in Capricorn – 24 June

Come the full moon in Capricorn, Jupiter reconnects with the celestial pattern and we can start to make sense of things again. Maybe there is some sort of spiritual meaning to all this… However, opposite the sun and conjunct the moon is the centaur Pholus. In mythology, he set off a riot when he opened a flask of wine that was the sacred legacy of the centaurs. When Pholus is in aspect with the moon, the mass mind is full-on and it’s too easy to get pulled into the herd mentality. In our technological times this could lead to the mass mind being eager to grab onto any piece of flotsam that floats by on social media.

In Pholus’ story, it was wine that led to the riot and this suggests that alcohol could be a particularly potent recourse at this time, especially when crowds are involved. And no matter how centred and aware you think you are, you could get caught up in the fray if things get out of hand.

There’s another pattern to be aware of as well. The ongoing square of Saturn in Aquarius against Uranus in Taurus is throwing up a lot of conflict – this is a trend for the whole year. At the social level, this manifests as conflict between government control (whether justified or not) and popular movements. At the time of the full moon, Mars in Leo opposes Saturn and squares Uranus, adding more action and potential for violence, making a t-square with Scorpio at the balance point. Rather than the vengeful tendency of Scorpio, what would be more helpful would be the cool emotionally detached Scorpio which knows what battles to choose and what to let pass.

And also to mention that there’s a Venus-Pluto opposition at this time, so if you feel like you’ve met the love of your life (or someone takes you to be the love of their life) a reality check is in order.

St John’s Eve

This full moon is also on St John’s Eve, the eve of celebration before the Feast of Saint John the Baptist. In the old days this was a fire festival, a time to ask for God’s blessing on the harvest. As part of the celebration in Ireland the ashes of the fire were scattered on the fields to protect the crops from harm and embers of the fire were taken into the houses so that the first fire there would be started from the ceremonial bonfire.

yellow flowers of St John's Wort
St John’s Wort or Hypericum

It was also a time to collect certain herbs, such as yarrow, rosemary and elderflower. Particularly associated with this time, St John’s Wort, known in Latin as Hypericum was gathered. In the old days this was hung over doors to ward against evil as well as having medicinal uses including the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Go well and stay well



Key Dates this month:

10-JunNew moon in Gemini – Annular Eclipse of the sun10:54
11-JunMars enters Leo
14-JunSaturn squares Uranus
Chinese celebrate Dragon Boat Festival
20-JunJupiter turns retrograde in Pisces
21-JunSummer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer03:33
22-JunMercury turns direct in Gemini
23-JunSt John’s Eve
24-JunFull moon in Capricorn18:40
25-JunNeptune turns retrograde in Pisces
01-JulMars opposite Saturn
10-JulNew moon in Cancer01:18

All Key Date times are GMT



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