Moonletter June – July 2023

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 18 June 2023 with the new moon in Gemini and spanning the full moon in Capricorn on 3 July 2023.


New Moon in Gemini – 18 June 


The tension should ease a bit now that Pluto is out of the opposition with Mars and Venus. Now it’s a matter of making sense of the last couple of weeks of merry mayhem. However, with Neptune in Pisces challenging the sun-moon conjunction, there could still be a lot of confusion around. Gemini is about ideas and with a challenge from Neptune there’s the risk that this cat’s cradle could turn into an almighty tangle. Virgo will be busy sorting it all out.

In addition, Mercury the communicator is in its own sign of Gemini taking a strong hit from Saturn in Pisces This could temper Gemini’s clever chatter with a dose of much needed reality. From Gemini’s point of view this can seem like a distraction, but Saturn in Pisces asks us to accept the bigger picture and to be aware that we don’t have to understand everything and are not in control of everything. This might also be a good time to have a break from the news and social media for a few days.

The conjunction of Mars and Venus in Leo, as well as being sultry and passionate is potentially a very creative and healing time with Chiron making an easy aspect. But with non-binary Uranus coming in from leftfield, expect the discussions about the T in LGBT to intensify. Depending on your point of view, this is a meaningless squabble, a liberal plot or a vital part of the process of dismantling the patriarchy. For a few astrological thoughts on gender issues see here.

Then just to add to the mix, the centaur, Asbolus is close to the sun and moon. According to mythology, Asbolus was a seer who could read omens from the natural world, especially from the flights of birds. So, keep your eyes (and other senses) open around the time of the new moon for meaningful coincidences, synchronistic events, medicine signs – whatever you care to call them.

Full Moon in Capricorn – 3 July 


The full moon in Capricorn is backed up by practical advice from Jupiter in Taurus. The moon in Capricorn is a long way from its natural home in Cancer and rather than Cancer’s nurturing, empathetic vibe we’re looking at a moon which takes care of practicalities with a sense of patient duty. But with the kindly aspect from Jupiter, there’s a channel for both giving and receiving blessings. “Cast thy bread upon the water…” (Ecclesiastes 11:1) That sort of thing.

Following from this emphasis on the material things of life, Saturn in Pisces is also part of the full moon picture, making easy angles with the sun in Cancer and the moon in Capricorn. Saturn may not be seen as the most generous of planets but when in Pisces, it gives from compassion and in response to genuine need: charity, known as sadaqah in Islam, and as mitzvah in Hebrew.

Meanwhile, the tension between Uranus in Taurus and the conjunction of Mars and Venus in Leo is increasing. Let’s look at the energies involved. Mars and Venus together in a fire sign, that’s a powerful creative energy that can manifest as sexual passion. But what happens when Uranus, the disruptor, the revolutionary is in a tense angle to this pairing? Uranus can lead to impulsive actions when hitting on Mars. While with Venus, Uranus fosters what the old astrology books called ‘unconventional relationships’. So, if you find yourself at the full moon overwhelmed with lust at an inappropriate or inconvenient moment, you could always blame the planets.

Go well and stay well


Illustration by Antonio Caparo from Midsummer Nights Dream - Sleeping Titania surprised by Puck. under a crescent moon
Scene from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream – illustration by Antonio Caparo

Key Dates this month:

17-JunSaturn turns retrograde in Pisces
18-JunNew Moon in Gemini04:38
19-JunJupiter sextiles Saturn
21-JunSun enters Cancer – Summer Solstice14:59
Pagans and Wiccans celebrate midsummer
22-24 JuneChinese celebrate Dragon Boat Festival
26-JunMars squares Uranus
28-JunMoslems celebrate Eid al-Adha – Feast of the Sacrifice
30-JunNeptune turns retrograde in Pisces
02-JulVenus squares Uranus
03-JulFull Moon in Capricorn11:38
17-JulNew Moon in Cancer18:33

All Key Date times are GMT


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