Moonletter May 2019

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on May 4th 2019 with the new moon in Taurus and spanning the full moon in Scorpio on May 18th 2019.

New Moon in Taurus – 4 May

First a bit about Venus.

image based on Botticelli's Venus
image based on Botticelli’s Venus

The sign of Taurus is traditionally ruled by the planet Venus, aka Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Also, the goddess of war. How come?

The key phrase for Venus is ‘what I hold dear’. In English the word ‘dear’ contains the meanings both of expensive and beloved. The same with ‘cher’ in French. These words also imply the idea of beauty. Beautiful things are more expensive. We love what is beautiful. In marketing terms, beauty ‘adds value’.

Basically, ‘what I hold dear’ is what I will fight for. Look at the story of Helen of Troy – ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’, whose abduction led to the Trojan Wars told in the Iliad.
The Birth of Venus by Warhol after Botticelli

But this attribute of Venus has been sidelined. An example from music – if you listen to Holst’s Planet Suite, Mars is the so-called bringer of war – aggressive, explosive, loud of course; while Venus is called the bringer of peace – with music that is gentle, melodious, sensuous. Actually, it’s not that simple.

Firstly, Mars is more than just the planet of war and ‘toxic masculinity’. You will find Mars in the birthchart of every woman, just as you will find Venus in the chart of every man. Mars is action, energy, decision, rude physical health. In sexual relations, Mars is the physical turn-on while Venus is the sensuality, the appreciation of the other’s beauty.

More on the mythology of Venus here 

At the new moon in Taurus, Venus in Aries is being challenged by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. In Aries, Venus is the innocence and spontaneity of first love. Here Venus’ sense of value is being challenged by the ructions in the world of government and business. She is under pressure, insecure, concerned to protect what she holds dear. And we’re not only talking about asset value in the financial sense, we’re looking at social values, personal values, our whole sense of what is important to us.

There’s another factor as we discussed in the last moonletter, Saturn and Pluto are on the moon’s south node – the comfort zone of the karmic process. The real challenge is to go beyond Capricorn’s agenda of corporate business and social structure and move to the north node in Cancer – the protection of the planet and the environment. This can only happen with a major shift in values, a radical change in what we consider important.

But this is a new moon at Beltane, the pagan celebration of fertility. Taurus is about connection to the earth, spring transforming into early summer. I hope you have the chance to get out there and enjoy it.

Full Moon in Scorpio – 18 May

The environmental theme is echoed in the full moon chart. The sun is in Taurus, exactly conjunct Sedna, one of the most distant members of the solar system, discovered in 2003, currently about 3 times the distance of Neptune away from the sun. Named after the Inuit goddess of the oceans, Sedna takes around 11,400 years to orbit the sun. The last time she was at this degree of the zodiac, the ice age was coming to an end and mammoths and sabre tooth tigers were becoming extinct.

Sedna’s story tells of her horrendously abusive marriage to an evil sorcerer, her escape with the aid of her father who throws her overboard to save his own life in a terrifying storm. She then becomes the goddess of the oceans, guardian of the whales, seals and walruses. Pray to her for a successful hunt and if she answers your prayers, she will release one of these creatures so that your family can eat.

In astrological terms Sedna is the planet of species survival. Conjunct the sun at the time of the full moon, it’s time for her agenda to come to general consciousness.

Go well


Key Dates this month:

01-MayPagans celebrate Beltane
04-MayNew Moon in Taurus22:45
06-MayMuslims start the fast of Ramadan
18-MayFull Moon in Scorpio21:11
21-MaySun enters Gemini08:00

All Key Date times are GMT


How to look after your Taurus


Greek poet Cavafy tells us how in his poem ‘Ithaka’. Here’s an extract:

May there be many summer mornings when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you enter harbours you’re seeing for the first time;
may you stop at Phoenician trading stations
to buy fine things,
mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
sensual perfume of every kind—
as many sensual perfumes as you can …

Cavafy has nailed it. He could have mentioned silk underwear (for both sexes), satin sheets, Belgian chocolates and fine wines. He could have mentioned long slow mornings with nothing else to do except … He could have mentioned the simple pleasures of gardening – the smell of earth, the herbs, the roses.

Invest in your Taurean. Your loyalty and commitment will be returned a thousand-fold.

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