Moonletter May 2022

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 30 April 2022 with the new moon in Taurus, and spanning the full moon in Scorpio on 16th May 2022.


New Moon in Taurus – Partial Solar Eclipse – 30 April


There are things that need to be said. At the time of the new moon, Mercury, the planet of communication is at the beginning of Gemini in a strong positive angle to Pluto. These two planets form the rim of a bowl shape containing all the other planets within the span of a third of a circle, 120 degrees. While Mercury was the messenger of the gods, Pluto was the lord of the underworld – that which was kept hidden. He was also the planet of wealth (plutocracy anyone?). And here we have another push to bring to light the wealth of those who would keep it hidden.

This theme is backed by the new moon in Taurus. The sun conjunct the moon close to Uranus, the disruptor. This planet is notoriously unpredictable in its effects because it asks us to look at what is not there, at what is missing. But how can we see something that isn’t there? Sometimes what we lack is obvious, lack of time, lack of resources. Other times what is missing is a need that has so far remained unacknowledged. Is it a physical need, an emotional need, a spiritual need?

Then fresh from its momentous encounter with Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter makes a conjunction with Venus. Compassion by the shedload. Awareness of the need to build a heaven in hell’s despite (to misquote William Blake). Awareness of the importance of the spiritual connections we have with each other. Maybe through a recognition of something utterly beyond mere words. Music can help. Through music we can listen to other people’s listening. Through art we can see through other people’s eyes. The conjunction of these planets is in Pisces taking us beyond the physical reality of the everyday.


Full Moon in Scorpio – Lunar Eclipse – 16 May


At a lunar eclipse the shadow of the earth falls on the moon turning it a dark red. The moon has no light of its own, only reflecting the light of the sun. Rather, its influence is gravitational and its process is the cycle from the new moon with its unconscious potential to coming into consciousness at the full moon when it is totally illumined by the light of the sun. But when the earth’s shadow falls on the full moon, the consciousness is obscured by the mundane business of the earth. And when the eclipsed moon is in Scorpio, the emotional depth of this sign becomes apparent taking us deep into unconscious patterns. But as anyone with Scorpio moon will tell you (anyone who has evolved that is) that following the dark side of Scorpio, the vengefulness, the ability to freeze feelings, can only create kickback. And at an eclipse when karmic business is more in evidence, that kickback can have long terms consequences.

This is amplified by the trine from Pluto to the sun in Taurus which deals with correcting unfair business deals, scams and so forth. And by the trine from a conjunction of Neptune and Mars in Pisces to the moon in Scorpio adding an even more subtle but undeniably powerful emotional charge to events and reactions to them. The Neptune aspect also asks us to go easy on the alcohol, and if there is a need for escape, Netflix and chill would seem a more appropriate and safer activity.

Plus at the full moon there’s a conjunction of Venus and Chiron. Venus is a fast moving planet meaning that the influence passes quickly but as this conjunction is disconnected from the rest of the chart and less available to consciousness, it’s easy to envisage unintentional woundings either in relationships or in matters of etiquette. “I did that? Where in hell did that come from?” Things will be over quickly and it’s better to let indiscretions pass rather than getting locked into the drama of the eclipse.

Go well and stay well


Buddha statue in a forest surrounded by pink cherry blossom
Celebrating the birthday of the Buddha

Key Dates this month:

26-AprMercury enters retrograde shadow zone
29-AprPluto turns retrograde in Capricorn
30-AprNew Moon in Taurus – Partial Solar Eclipse20:29
01-MayPagans and Wiccans celebrate Beltane
03-MayMuslims celebrate Eid al Fitr – the end of Ramadan
08-MayBuddha’s Birthday celebrated in China, S.Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan
10-MayMercury turns retrograde in Gemini till 3 June. Leaves retrograde shadow zone 18th June.
Jupiter enters Aries
15-MayBuddha’s Birthday celebrated in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka.
16-MayFull Moon in Scorpio – Lunar Eclipse04:14
21-MaySun enters Gemini01:24
30-MayNew Moon in Gemini11:31
03-JunMercury turns direct in Taurus

All Key Date times are GMT



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