Moonletter May 2023

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 20 April 2023 with the new moon in Aries and spanning the full moon in Scorpio on 5 May 2023.


New Moon in Aries – 20 April – Solar Eclipse


Hang on a minute! The last new moon was in Aries as well! So, what’s happening? Well, it’s like this see. There’s a new moon every 29.5 days and the sun changes sign every 30.5 days, so, every so often there will be a new moon at the beginning of a sign and one at the end of the same sign. (That’s how you fit 13 new moons into 12 signs.) For this new moon, as well as the sun and moon in Aries, there are also Jupiter and Chiron plus it’s also a solar eclipse which you might catch if you’re in Western Australia or Indonesia.

But before we get on to the details of the new moon. We’ve recently had two slow-moving planets change signs – Saturn moving from Aquarius into Pisces; and Pluto moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. Just to remind you, Saturn in general terms deals with accepting limitations, taking responsibility and getting real. For those born with Saturn in Pisces, (March 64 to March 67; May 93 to Jan 94) you’re having a Saturn return.  See articles on my website, here, here, here and here on how to handle or cop out from your first Saturn return. Also affected are those born with Saturn in Virgo – Pisces’ opposite sign (Sep 48 to Nov 50; Nov 77 to Sep 80). This could involve a rerun of issues you went through during your teens. More generally, Saturn changing signs means a change in the way each of us takes responsibility. There are some loads you can put down now but other loads you have to pick up.

There are other adjustments going on as well with Pluto having recently moved into Aquarius. In general terms this is a shift in power. This will be particularly noticeable for those born with Pluto in Aquarius’ opposite sign of Leo (approx. Oct 37 to Jun 58) and those born with Pluto in Scorpio (Nov 83 to Nov 95). Please note, these dates are only approximate as Pluto does such a lot of toing and froing; you’ll be better off checking your own chart. For those used to getting their way by playing victim or by the subtleties of passive aggression, the game is up. Similarly bullies and dominant types may find that they’ve met their kryptonite. Do let me know how you get on!

But back to the new moon. Tense is the word. With Pluto in Aquarius in a tense angle with the sun and moon at the end of Aries, and Chiron in Aries in a tense angle with Mars in Cancer, the pattern is this: pent-up energy leads to anxiety and anxiety can lead to aggression. So be conscious of what is going on in you and around you. Find a peaceful way to use and release the energy. Then there’s the ‘empty boat’, thus, as described by Taoist sage, Chuang Tzu:

“If a man is crossing a river and an empty boat collides with his own skiff, even though he be a bad-tempered man he will not become angry But if he sees a man in the boat, he will shout at him to steer clear. If the shout is not heard, he will shout again. And yet again and begin cursing. And all because there is someone in the boat. Yet if the boat were empty, he would not be shouting and not angry. If you can empty your own boat crossing the river of the world, no one will oppose you, no one will seek to harm you.”

Finally, the best way to deal with tension is, of course, simply to relax – to be aware of where you’re holding tension (including unexpressed emotion) in your body and release it.

However, with Neptune detached from the rest of the new moon chart, there could be the tendency to be taken in by tricks, scams, conspiracy theories etc. Plus, you would be ill advised to recourse to alcohol or recreational chemicals at this time as it could be very difficult to return to earth! Having said that, you may have to deal with (or avoid) less-conscious people who are detached from reality or are looking for someone to vent or release their own tension on.

Full Moon in Scorpio – 5 May – Lunar Eclipse 


At the full moon Mercury and Uranus sit either side of the sun in Taurus. Mercury is the thinker and communicator, while Uranus is the pattern breaker, the disruptor, the revolutionary. Together they set off new ways of approaching problems. This can mean intuitive leaps – the ability to reach the solution without going through the intervening steps. The boring part of this is having to post-justify to the non-intuitive rational plodders how you did it. In other words, this full moon is a time of potential discoveries and breakthroughs and getting a new angle on things.

There’s still a fair bit of tension around but less than at the new moon. There are people who will want to confront either because they feel provoked because you’ve dissed them in some way that you didn’t mean to, or because they don’t like to be told that they’re totally wrong about something. Maybe in some circumstances it’s best to stay schtum even though you know you’re right. Is there any point in provoking an idiot?

Sensitivity, diplomacy and charm should get you through.

Go well and stay well


Empty rowing boat on a blue lake

Key Dates this month:

20-AprNew moon in Aries – Solar Eclipse04:14
Sun enters Taurus08:15
21-AprMoslems celebrate Eid al-Fitr – end of Ramadan
Mercury turns retrograde in Aries until 15 May
01-MayPluto turns retrograde in Aquarius
Pagans and Wiccans celebrate Beltane
05-MayFull moon in Scorpio – Lunar Eclipse17:34
Buddhists celebrate Wesak, Buddha’s birthday
15-MayMercury turns direct in Taurus
16-MayJupiter enters Taurus
18-MayJupiter squares Pluto
19-MayNew Moon in Taurus15:54
21-MaySun enters Gemini07:10

All Key Date times are GMT


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