Moonletter May-June 2021

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 11 May 2021 with the new moon in Taurus, and spanning the full moon in Sagittarius on 26th May 2021.

New Moon in Taurus 11 May

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Earth moves slowly, carefully. Sees what the other elements miss as they zap around. Earth takes time to smell the roses, enjoy the sounds of nature, the feeling of bare feet on grass. At a deeper level, earth signs appreciate the cycles of the seasons, the growing and fading, the regeneration of life, the fertility of the soil, of the herds, of our own species. Taurus in particular values and appreciates these things.

Minaret with crescent moon
New moon in Morocco, photo: Wim Holwerda

While we in our cities can only visit these spaces, our sense of value has been transferred to our wealth, our cash, our property, our estate. Taureans tend to be risk-averse, going for long-term investment rather short-term speculation. The earth is fixed, the earth endures. Bitcoin? Non, merci!

In the new moon chart, the sun and moon in Taurus are receiving a powerful, positive aspect from Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in easy aspect to the sun and moon can give the ability to recover from even the direst circumstances, from illness, from depression, from financial wipeout.

But balancing the regenerative influence of Pluto is Saturn in a tough angle to the new moon. Reminding us to be careful. Saturn is in its co-ruled sign of Aquarius, advising us to check the deal before we sign. check who you’re planning to connect with, to work or socialise with. It’s not the time to rush ahead. Someone pressuring you to make a decision now? Your inner voice is telling you it’s not kosher? The only way you can hurt yourself is by resisting the learnings.

The fruit of this new moon is a healing of your energy flow (new moon conjunct Chiron at the ninth harmonic). Energy is infinite. Reconnect to the source, listen to your inner voice, get the basis right and the energy will be there for you.

Full Moon in Sagittarius – Lunar Eclipse – 26 May

We’re in an eclipse season again. Every six months the sun is aligned with the moon’s nodal axis and the sun, moon and earth make a straight line. So, at a new moon the moon blocks out the light of the sun and at the full moon the shadow of the earth falls across the moon turning it blood red. While the solar eclipse can only be seen in a narrow path, the lunar eclipse can be seen from anywhere in the world when the moon is in the sky (weather permitting of course!)

Newspapers, at least in the UK are keen to give cool names to the full moons. Often, they take these from the names that Native American (First Nation) peoples gave to the full moons. This full moon I want to call, ‘The Moon of Questing’.

In addition to the sun and the north node there are Mercury, Venus and Saturn in air signs. Air is inquisitive, communicative. Gemini loves to discuss, to bat ideas back and forth. Aquarius likes to look at things from different angles., “the angle man of the cosmos” to quote Burroughs. Saturn starts a five-month retrograde period in Aquarius just before the full moon, asking us to check our focus, check the map for how we got to where we are now before moving ahead.

Plus, Jupiter, newly moved into its co-ruled sign of Pisces is in a tough angle to the sun and moon, asking difficult questions in its pursuit of truth, reminding us to check our moral compass.

Go well and stay well



Key Dates this month:

11-MayNew moon in Taurus19:01
13-MayJupiter moves into Pisces until 28 July
13-14 MayMoslems celebrate Eid al Fitr – the end of the fast of Ramadan
17-18 MayJewish festival of Shavuot
20-MaySun enters Gemini19:38
23-MaySaturn turns retrograde in Aquarius until October
26-MayFull moon in Sagittarius – Eclipse of the moon11:15
29-MayMercury turns retrograde in Gemini until 22 June
05-JunMars opposite Pluto
10-JunNew moon in Gemini – Annular Eclipse of the sun10:54
14-JunSaturn squares Uranus
Chinese celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

All Key Date times are GMT



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