Moonletter November 2022

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 25 October 2022 with the new moon in Scorpio and spanning the full moon in Taurus on 8 November 2022.


New Moon in Scorpio – 25 October – Partial Solar Eclipse


For the last few months, there has been only one planet in a water sign, Neptune. Water is to do with emotion but this doesn’t mean there has been a lack of emotion, far from it! It means instead that emotion has been off out there, ungrounded, unamenable to any other influence. But now we have a new moon in the water sign of Scorpio and things should change. Scorpio is about both passion and emotional control (think the Hindu god Shiva). So, hopefully we will start to see the ‘irrational overwhelm’ for what it was, and to be able to handle feelings with more awareness.

We’re not just talking about emotion. At the new moon, Venus is in Scorpio, right up against the sun and moon so we’re also taking about the ability to make clear and realistic judgements and the ability to prioritize. Scorpio knows what is really important. This sign gives the ability to take life-and-death decisions that some would describe as ruthless. This new moon is also an eclipse, albeit partial, so it’s time to recall Nietzsche’s words, “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you”

Emotional processes are also helped when on 28 October Jupiter slips back into Pisces, the sign of the fishes and another water sign. Jupiter is about growth of understanding and when in Pisces, the sign of boundless compassion, it can open the heart centre. This should help to make more sense of the (inner) journey we have been on. Just be careful not to ignore the signposts or override the practicalities.


Full Moon in Taurus – 8 November – Total Lunar Eclipse

There’s a wild intelligence to this eclipse. The intelligence comes from Mercury pressed up against the Scorpio sun. It’s as if Mercury was a detective, a forensic analyst. At the full moon it is like a messenger working closely with its mafia boss, the Scorpio sun. But nothing is aggressive here. Venus is around with its irresistible charm, making sure that any moves are carried out sweetly.

The wildness comes from the Taurus moon, fecund with ancient power. It’s an eclipse with the moon making a direct straight line with the earth and the sun, the earth’s shadow falling across the moon, bloodying it, wounding it. But the actual moment of the visible eclipse is around midday in Europe, and for those of us here it will be a mystery carried out unseen behind the curtain of daylight. The wildness is amplified by Uranus, the disruptor, conjuncting the moon, and opposing Mercury and the Sun. Brilliant new ‘out of the box’ ideas. Revelations like flashes of light in the dark.

Given the dramatic tension to this scene, things could easily become unstable. Fortunately, Saturn in Aquarius holds everything together with a detached interest, like a scientist controlling an experiment, keeping the game within the limits of propriety.

You have choices where you stand at this full moon. You can watch with Saturn in Aquarius, the detached observer. You can participate as an actor in the unpredictability of it all, surrounded by a flurry of ideas and emotions, searching for solutions, driven by the opposition of Mercury and Uranus. Or maybe it’s best to stay hidden, the Sun is in secretive Scorpio after all, and that Moon in Taurus is carrying a powerful emotional charge. Also, if you have sun, moon, ascendant or other important stuff in Leo, you can stand as a dramaturge at the balance point, selecting, adapting, editing and interpreting the drama as it unfolds.

Go well and stay well


three candles burning
Happy Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light

Key Dates this month:

23-OctSun enters Scorpio10:37
Saturn turns direct in Aquarius
24-OctHindus celebrate Diwali
25-OctNew Moon in Scorpio – Partial Solar Eclipse10:50
28-OctJupiter enters Pisces
30-OctMars turns retrograde in Gemini
Daylight Savings time ends in UK and Europe
31-OctAll Hallows Eve – Hallowe’en
Pagans celebrate Samhain
01-NovChristians celebrate All Saints Day
02-NovChristians celebrate All Souls Day
06-NovDaylight Savings ends in USA, Canada and Mexico
08-NovFull moon in Taurus – Total Lunar Eclipse11:02
22-NovSun enters Sagittarius08:22
23-NovNew moon in Sagittarius22:58
Jupiter turns direct in Pisces
24-NovAmericans Celebrate Thanksgiving

All Key Date times are GMT



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