Moonletter November – December 2020

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 15th November 2020 with the new moon in Scorpio, and spanning the full moon in Gemini on 30th November 2020.

New Moon in Scorpio – 15 November

Diwali, Amritsar, India

Mars turns direct the day before the new moon and maybe things will start to move forward a bit. Mars has been running retrograde in its own sign of Aries since 9 September. Mars is action / decision / ’just do it’, particularly when it’s in its own sign. When it’s retrograde, it’s more reflective, putting the lid on action to some extent. That has kept things relatively quiet during this particularly difficult period. When it turns direct, everything that has been building up while it’s been on hold, is free to act. Interestingly, at the time of the new moon, Mars is unaspected, meaning that it isn’t making any angular contacts with any of the major planets. Even at the time it turns direct, it’s already left an opposition to Venus. So not even the planet of beauty and value can mitigate the gung-ho energy. This is pure uncut Mars, unamenable to any constraints or restrictions.

To get Mars to connect with the rest of the new moon chart, you have to ramp things up to the 9th harmonic. The ninth harmonic is to the 1st harmonic as the fruit to the tree. This brings Mars into a conjunction with Mercury and a trine to Venus. So, the results of whatever crazy unfettered action scenario takes place, the response (after the mopping up) is discussion and conciliation. Also, at the 9th harmonic, Jupiter and Pluto are opposing the sun and moon. There is a big learning going on at this time.

But we will have to wait till January 2nd next year to see the full extent of the action when Mars comes out of the shadow of its retrograde period, i.e. it gets back to where it was before it went retrograde. Then on January 6th Mars leaves Aries and enters the stubborn, determined sign of Taurus.


Full Moon in Gemini – 30 November – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This is a type of lunar eclipse when the Moon passes through the Earth’s penumbral shadow. The moon does not appear dark red as it does when the Moon passes through the earth’s shadow blocking out the sun’s light, in fact it’s such a subtle change that it’s almost impossible to observe. A penumbral eclipse is sometimes referred to as an appulse eclipse.

At the full moon, Mars is still unaspected, out on its own in Aries. It connects to the sun and moon at the 7th harmonic, the harmonic of inspiration. Mars in Aries is learning a sense of Sagittarian principles, even a sense of justice. And hopefully a measure of Saturnian restraint can get in there as well.

Also at the full moon communications take a serious turn with Mercury in Scorpio – analytic, like a detective determined to get to the bottom of things – in aspect to Saturn. This could be a time of heavy negotiations requiring a combination of realism, optimism and a willingness to make sacrifices if necessary.

Go well and stay well



Key Dates this month:

14-NovMars turns direct in Aries
Hindus, Jains and Sikhs celebrate Diwali
15-NovNew Moon in Scorpio05:08
21-NovSun enters Sagittarius20:41
28-NovThanksgiving in the USA
29-NovNeptune turns direct in Pisces
30-NovFull Moon in Gemini09:31
08-DecBuddhists celebrate Bodhi day
11-18 DecemberJews celebrate Hanukkah
14-DecNew Moon in Sagittarius – Total Eclipse of the Sun16:18
17-DecSaturn enters Aquarius
19-DecJupiter enters Aquarius
21-DecWinter Solstice – Sun enters Capricorn10:03
Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

All Key Date times are GMT

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius


The last time Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in an air sign (apart from a one-off in 1981) was in the 13th century. These two planets leave Capricorn in December within days of each other, Saturn on 17th, Jupiter on 19th, to enter Aquarius and to form a conjunction in the first degree of this sign on December 21st.

This shift from Capricorn into Aquarius is basically a shift in perspective from Capricorn’s concern with system, structure and bureaucracy to Aquarius’ concern with the world, with humanitarian ideals and democratic principles. It’s also a shift from 200 years of Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions in earth signs to a sequence of conjunctions in air. Air is the element of communications and if you think the information technology revolution is over, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

To get an idea of the impact of this shift, look back at the 13th century when paper was developed, replacing expensive parchment. Paper then printing, then book production leading to an increase in literacy, the decline of traditional beliefs and the development of independent thought.

The main pattern next year will be the squares that Jupiter and Saturn will be making to Uranus in Taurus. Being an optimistic Sagittarian, I hate to play Cassandra but we’re looking at more conflict between people and authoritarian governments next year as well as a shift in values that goes with economic challenges.

Of the slow-moving planets, only Pluto remains in Capricorn next year and it won’t finish its journey until January 2024. The pandemic has exposed the cracks in the systems of many countries and there is obviously still more work to do on reforming the structures of politics and business.



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