Moonletter November – December 2023

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 13 November 2023 with the new moon in Scorpio and spanning the full moon in Gemini on 27 November 2023.


New Moon in Scorpio – 13 November 


The eclipse season is over and we move on to a new moon in the passionate sign of Scorpio. At first glance with combative Mars conjunct the sun and moon and in opposition to disruptive Uranus, you’d expect things to move in pretty much the same turbulent way. However, there are a number of mitigating factors coming into play which should ease the tension somewhat.

The leading actor in this drama is Mars in Scorpio. Mars used to be considered the ruler of Scorpio but that role is now taken by Pluto. Nevertheless, in Scorpio Mars remains a powerful influence. It’s not a direct ‘in your face’ Mars, it’s a subtle Mars (please don’t call it sneaky) acting under cover of darkness or behind closed doors. Scorpio has the courage to deal with matters that most other signs shy away from, namely matters of life and death. In addition, the opposition of Uranus at the time of the new moon gives an energy of risk taking, rule breaking, bordering on recklessness, plus the tendency to go off at half cock. And for more on the role of Scorpio in situations of conflict, check out my article here.

We mustn’t forget however that Scorpio is a water sign which means that any triggering effect will be emotional. This is especially true given that, at the time of the new moon, there is only one planet in an air sign (rationality, thinking) namely Venus in Libra. This connects with Mercury the planet of communication in Sagittarius, giving the possibility to talk things through to get a bigger picture and to look at options for compromise.

Also in mitigation, there is an easy aspect from Neptune. This opens the option to zone out of all this raging recklessness and get into something creative. Inspiration should abound at this time so long as you can avoid picking up on other people’s hysteria, paranoia or fanaticism. In other words, careful what you tune into online and who you hang out with.

Full Moon in Gemini – 27 November


And then there’s the full moon and we have Sun conjunct Mars in Sagittarius opposite the Moon in Gemini. But Sagittarius is quite a different sign from Scorpio. More concerned with goals and achievements and looking at the big picture. Happier with the great outdoors than Scorpio’s preference for dark basements. Mars is the planet that gives us our motivation – what kicks our ass out of bed in the morning – and in Sagittarius the key word is adventure.

Plus, the moon is full in the air sign of Gemini which provides an antidote to all the intense emotionalism of the last few weeks. The air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) allow the sharing of ideas, Libra likes to find agreement and compromise; Aquarius is experimental, trying out new ways of looking at things, while Gemini is into discussion and debate, points for and against. So, with the moon in Gemini being energised by Mars in Sagittarius we’re looking at a shift from the life and death dramas of Scorpio to what could seem like an intense discussion program, replete with experts, pundits and commentators.

The charge that is often made against Gemini is that it’s butterfly-like, never sticking to one thing, like a juggler, keeping many balls and topics in the air at the same time.  But fortunately Saturn is challenging this tendency – keeping things real! And as Saturn is in Pisces and now running direct, keeping things focussed and asking us to accept the burden of compassion.

The opposition of the sun and moon at this full moon is squared off by Saturn giving a balance point in zero degrees of Virgo. To read the meaning of this point, we look at the Sabian Symbol. ‘In a portrait, the significant features of a man’s head are artistically emphasized’. Reading this clairvoyant image, we see what is important / significant about a person – but this isn’t from a photograph; for a photograph, while purporting to be objective, is how we look to a machine. While an artist will give a more subjective view and, in that subjectivity, show us what is really important. For me, this balance point empowers us to trust our own perception of other people and of situations.

Go well


Key Dates this month:

12-NovHindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali
13-NovNew Moon in Scorpio09:29
22-NovSun enters Sagittarius14:04
23-NovAmericans celebrate Thanksgiving
25-NovMercury enters the retrograde zone
27-NovFull Moon in Gemini09:16
03-DecFirst day of Advent for Christians
06-DecNeptune turns direct in Pisces
07-DecBeginning of Hanukkah for Jews
08-DecBuddhists celebrate Bodhi Day
12-DecNew Moon in Sagittarius23:33
13-DecMercury turns retrograde in Capricorn until 1 January

All Key Date times are GMT


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