Moonletter October 2019

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on September 28th 2019 with the new moon in Libra, and spanning the full moon in Aries on October 13th 2019.

New Moon in Libra – 28 September

In the woods, a painting by Pierre-Auguste RenoirLibra lives for relationship. It’s about the balance, the harmony that relationships can afford. This new moon has, in addition to the sun and moon, Mercury and Venus in Libra. There is nothing that can’t be accomplished with charm.

But this is not just a soft-focus picture by Renoir. The sun and moon are being challenged by an opposition from the centaur Chiron, the wounded healer. How do your relationships affect your own sense of identity? What do you relinquish for the sake of peace? This new moon could provide you with, if not the answers, a sense of where to look.

In addition, the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Libra is being hit by a square from Pluto. This could mean that the charm of this aspect is required to deal with a challenging situation – dealing with a bureaucracy perhaps or some unscrupulous powermonger.

On the other hand, it could mean a creative breakthrough – time to take a stand for your creative vision. If you can do this, who knows what powerful contacts could come into your life?

Then on 3rd October, Pluto is stationary in Capricorn, turning direct. A therapist friend of mine mentioned that she doesn’t answer the phone on days of Pluto stations. Her clients are bound to have a crisis. Things seems dramatic, a matter of life and death. Sounds like a good time to proceed calmly and not get provoked by any drama.

Full Moon in Aries – 13 October

The full moon is Aries is squared by Pluto in Capricorn. Squares are stressful. But the stress is a powerful motivator to accomplish, to get things done that stay done.

Pluto is now heading direct along with Saturn, its fellow traveller in Capricorn. These two slow-moving planets are approaching a conjunction next January. A denouement of sorts seems likely around that time.

But back to the Aries full moon. At a full moon the side of the moon facing the earth is totally illuminated by the sun. The energy is full-on. Everything is there to be seen. At this full moon there’s a balance point in Cancer, the sign of home and family and environment. Cancer’s issues carry the weight of karma, the climate emergency for starters and the concomitant issues of national identity and immigration.

Also, around this time an easy angle between Mercury (communication) and Neptune opens up possibilities of awareness at more subtle levels, whether that is being more sensitive to nuance, or even to matters extra-sensory.

Go well


Key Dates this month:

23-SepSun enters Libra – Autumn Equinox07:51
28-SepNew Moon in Libra18:28
30-SepJews celebrate Rosh Hashana – New Year
03-OctPluto turns direct in Capricorn
08-OctHindu festival of Dasara
09-OctJewish fast of Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement
13-OctFull Moon in Aries21:07
14-20 OctoberJewish festival of Sukkot
22-OctJews celebrate Simchat Torah
23-OctSun enters Scorpio
27-OctHindus, Sikhs and Jains celebrate Diwali
28-OctNew Moon in Scorpio03:38
31-OctMercury turns retrograde till 20 November
All Hallow’s Eve – Hallowe’en
01-NovChristians celebrate All Saints day
Pagans celebrate Samhain

All Key Date times are GMT


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