Moonletter October 2021

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 6 October 2021 with the new moon in Libra, and spanning the full moon in Aries on 20 October 2021.

New Moon in Libra – 6 October


It’s a high energy new moon in Libra, with the sun and moon in a close conjunction with Mars. In any other sign, this would suggest a dynamic energy that has to push forward. But Libra is the most thoughtful of signs, concerned with balance and when Mars is working in this sign, it is at its most civilised, aware of how its decisions will affect others, taking time to come to conclusions. This is the energy of the arbitrator, breaking up fights, holding the adversaries apart, seeking common ground. And with Chiron in Aries opposing the new moon and Mars, concerned with appeasing battered egos and taking the heat out of the situation.

It’s also a time for solving deep-seated problems. Pluto is stationary and turns direct on the day of the new moon and if things seem like a matter of life and death (Pluto rules transformation and resurrection), stepping back from the edge can be the best approach. In a couple of days, what appears as a drama of operatic proportions will seem more manageable.

We also have the centaur Chariklo at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. This midpoint can give incredible tenacity and the ability to drill down to the root cause of a difficult situation. Add to that Chariklo’s ability to endure and a solution is at hand. Einstein gives us a good tip for dealing with the current set up: “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

Then one by one, the slow-moving outer planets start heading direct in October. Pluto in Capricorn as we have said on 6th; Saturn on 11th and Jupiter on 18th, both in Aquarius. When Saturn and Jupiter are both heading direct, this is the best time for setting up new ventures. Jupiter’s enthusiasm backed up by Saturn’s solidity makes a winning combination.

A couple of caveats. Firstly, at the time of the new moon there is an easy angle between Jupiter and Mercury, both running retrograde. Things could get noisy as Jupiter amplifies Mercury’s appetite for discussion and debate. Philosophical issues of rights are on the agenda.

The second caveat is more practical, with Uranus in an awkward inconjunct to the new moon and Mars. Uranus-Mars aspects can create intermittent faults in electrical equipment (the type that disappear when the technician comes round), fat-finger errors (when the wrong data is inputted) and even the possibility of accidents. You’ve got all your data backed up haven’t you?

Full Moon in Aries – 20 October


By the full moon three of the slow moving planets are running direct again: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, plus Mercury. While the heavy stuff has been running retrograde, we’ve had time to declutter, reconsider, and to decide what we want to take into the future.

Pluto is the eliminator, and in Capricorn – the sign of business activity – businesses have been suffering, many to the point of extinction. But Pluto is also the planet of regeneration, and recovery.

While Jupiter has been running retrograde it’s been a time to reconsider goals and ideals. And while Saturn has been retrograde it’s been a time to check available resources. Jupiter and Saturn work together, not only regarding financial decisions – whether to spend, to invest, to borrow, to speculate, or to save – but also regarding more personal goals and circumstances. When they’re both running direct, growth can happen on a solid basis.

Plus, Mars still pretty close to the sun in Libra at the time of the full moon should help with decisions. Libra is at its best when there are a lot of factors to balance. While Jupiter in Aquarius in an easy angle to the sun and Mars is looking for the best possible outcome, Pluto in a tough angle to sun, moon and Mars may require us to be ruthless and unsentimental.

Go well and stay well


woman by a grave decorated with flowers and skulls
Day of the Dead in Mexico

Key Dates this month:

1-7 OctoberGolden Week Holiday in China
06-OctNew Moon in Libra11:07
06-OctPluto turns direct in Capricorn
11-OctSaturn turns direct in Aquarius
18-OctMercury turns direct in Libra
18-OctJupiter turns direct in Aquarius
18-OctMuslims celebrate Milad-al-Nabi (the Prophet’s birthday)
20-OctFull Moon in Aries14:58
22-OctMars squares Pluto
23-OctSun enters Scorpio04:52
31-OctDaylight Savings time ends in UK and EU
01-NovChristians celebrate All Saints Day
02-NovChristians celebrate All Souls Day
04-NovNew moon in Scorpio21:16
07-NovDaylight Savings time ends in Canada and USA

All Key Date times are GMT



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