Moonletter October 2022

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 25 September 2022 with the new moon in Libra and spanning the full moon in Aries on 9 October 2022.


New Moon in Libra – 25 September


Two days after the autumn equinox, the sun meets the moon to make the new moon in Libra. And plumb opposite is the planet Jupiter in the sign of Aries. So, we have the sun fully illuminating Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion. This gives a spontaneous, freedom-loving energy.

Painting by Menucha Yankelevitch of a Rabbi blowing the ram's horn. The walls of Jerusalem in the distance.
Blowing the ram’s horn to bring in the new year. Painting by Menucha Yankelevitch.

But having said that, things are still pretty unstable. There is pressure to move forward and also pressure to bide one’s time. There’s pressure to make decisions, but there’s also pressure not to decide. The answer is timing.  With Mars the accelerator (gas pedal) and Saturn the brake both in air signs, a good measure of consideration and mulling is in order. At the same time, Neptune retrograde in its own sign of Pisces, as the only planet in a water sign, is adding an all-pervasive emotional overlay, with memories of past successes and failures.

The key to the whole chart is Mercury still retrograde in Virgo. As well as suffering the indirectness of being retrograde, it’s also fuddled by the non-rational influence of Neptune while at the same time being backed up by Pluto’s need to investigate and dig up the truth, perfect for conspiracy theorists!

So that means that a more subtle approach is required. There is a need to look behind the words. What is the emotional content of the communication? Where does the power lie in the situation? What games are being played and for what purpose? What is behind the display? And maybe the most difficult part, being honest about one’s own motivation.

With Venus backing up Mercury, at least the whole complex business of communication is carried on politely. Words should be chosen carefully, and much can be accomplished with charm and diplomacy.

Saturn square Uranus

We’re coming to the end of a series of squares between two slow moving planets, Saturn and Uranus who have been at odds with each other since last year. At one level, Saturn can be described as the traditionalist wanting to hold on to the past while Uranus is the revolutionary wanting to make things new. More abstractly, Saturn is the principle of continuity, Uranus the principle of discontinuity. Saturn is about rules, Uranus is about exceptions.

Historically, Saturn was the furthest out planet known to the ancients. It represented limitation and old age. More positively, it represented patience and forbearance. Financially and morally, it represents a time of repaying debts including karmic debts. Uranus, on the other hand, has no history. It makes everything new, everything now, acting as if there were no arrow of time connecting past, present and future.

Politically, Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn is concerned with the institutions of the state and business, while Uranus is the need for change and the creation of democracy. What we can see at the moment is that democracy is under threat in many countries around the world, countries that were until now thought of as mature and stable democracies.

Let’s just pause on that expression: ‘mature and stable democracies’. That seems like a happy marriage of these two energies, Saturn’s maturity and stability, allied with Uranus’ non-hierarchical, open system, based on merit rather than on inherited power and wealth. Currently, it seems that Saturn is eating away at the foundations of democracy, while Uranus is on a mission to expose the BS in Saturn’s version of democracy. This tension comes from the square that we have been going through over the last couple of years and which is reaching its final run from the last week of September to the end of October 2022 when these two planets almost make an exact square but leaving things unresolved … till June 2032 when they make their next conjunction.

Full Moon in Aries – 9 October

At the personal level, relationships are the main driver of the full moon. Mercury is now running direct, easing communication. Venus is in its own sign of Libra, the sign of balance, conjunct the sun. Chiron is opposite, conjunct the moon in Aries. Chiron takes us to where we are wounded. When it is in Aries, this can be our sense of identity which can manifest as low self-esteem, a feeling of unworthiness or even imposter syndrome. This full moon is a chance to address these issues and maybe heal them through relationships.

The sun and moon are also backed up by Mars and Saturn. It’s nice to have an easy flow between these two planets which if badly placed can lead to either too much push (Mars) or too much hesitation and reluctance (Saturn). Saturn is pretty busy dealing with the aforementioned square from Uranus so it’s good to have Mars as an ally, unlocking situations and getting things moving. But with the moon in Aries, things can move pretty quickly and it’s important to be aware of how we respond to the changing situation.

It’s also potentially a very creative time with Mercury exactly opposite the midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune. This combination of stellar influences has Jupiter amplifying Neptune’s imagination. It’s then up to Mercury to spread the news. Great for creative artists but not so good for those who need to be a bit more grounded.

Go well and stay well


Key Dates this month:

23-SepSun enters Libra – Autumn Equinox01:05
25-SepNew Moon in Libra21:56
Jews celebrate Rosh HaShanah – New Year
02-OctMercury turns direct in Virgo
05-OctJewish Fast of Yom Kippur
08-OctPluto turns direct in Capricorn
09-OctFull Moon in Aries20:54
10-OctJewish Festival of Sukkot begins
16-OctMercury leaves retrograde shadow period
18-OctJewish Festival of Simchat Torah
23-OctSun enters Scorpio10:37
Saturn turns direct in Aquarius
24-OctHindus celebrate Diwali
25-OctNew Moon in Scorpio – Partial Solar Eclipse10:50
28-OctJupiter enters Pisces

All Key Date times are GMT



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