Moonletter September – October 2023

By Ben Belinsky

Welcome to the Moonletter for the forthcoming mooncycle beginning on 15 September 2023 with the new moon in Virgo and spanning the full moon in Aries on 29 September 2023.


New Moon in Virgo – 15 September 


Mercury goes direct at the New Moon after a 3-week retrograde stint. Maybe that letter will arrive, maybe that deal will get signed, maybe that person you think is ghosting you will get in touch. Then there’s the possibility that communications will really clear up on September 30th when Mercury leaves the shadow of the retrograde period.

The new moon itself is in Virgo, opposite the planet Neptune in its own sign of Pisces. On the one hand, Neptune is seen as spiritually aware, imaginative, mystical, artistic, compassionate and sensitive. On the other hand, it gets a bad press as being deluded, fuzzy, and both gullible and deceitful.

Not only is the new moon connected to the imaginative realms of Neptune, it is also connected to a grand trine (equilateral triangle) of planets in earth signs, dealing with the earth and the material world of finance, economics and trade. This is a powerful setup presaging big shifts as well as opportunities. The situation is complex and there are too many factors to be specific about what is shifting/about to shift. All I can say is that speculation is based on imagination in the sense that we are imagining a future and the way we use our resources creates that future. Best to use the time for positive visualisation of the world you want to create.

Plus, with Mercury coming out of a retrograde period and connecting with Saturn, communications have a chance of getting real. And by real I don’t only mean the solid practical stuff of the world, I also mean the realities of the soul whereof Saturn in Pisces is the guardian. And that reality can only come from speaking your truth.

Full Moon in Aries – 29 September 


Full moons are about polarity. The sun is exactly opposite the moon and the moon is completely illuminated by the sun. In other words, the unconscious habits run by the moon are made conscious in the light of the sun. Some of these unconscious habits are from the mass mind, namely what we do because everyone else is doing it. Most of the time these habits run quite happily in the background but at the full moon they are full-on. And as such, they cannot be contained, and they can become conscious.

For anyone who has worked in a high-pressure environment such as a police station or the emergency department of a hospital, full moons are well-known for being crazy times. The containment is pushed to its limit and sometimes that limit is broken. At the same time, intuitive powers are clearer as evidenced by the increase in jackpots won in the Las Vegas lounges (see Dean Radin: The Conscious Universe).

When it comes to the individual, the influence of the full moon depends on a number of factors. Basically, the moon is our response pattern and how the moon is configured in the individual’s chart gives an idea of how we respond to situations.

In addition, a particular full moon may ping a sensitive point in the chart, activating that point. These events can be really useful as they help us to become aware of issues that were previously unconscious. And that is the whole point, to become conscious, to know how our thoughts and attitudes can shape or even create our reality.


The full moon on 29th September is based on the polarity of the sun in Libra and the moon in Aries. The issues this generates are to do with who we are (Aries) in a relationship (Libra). And that can be an intimate relationship, a family tie, a significant friendship or a business partnership. The default setting of the Aries moon is ‘me first’. This can come out as impulsiveness, snap decisions or acting without thinking. Whereas the sun in Libra takes time to decide, asking us to be aware of all the factors in the situation and to think through the consequences of our actions and how they will affect others.

Other significant factors at the full moon include the opposition of Mercury (now direct) in its own sign of Virgo to Neptune in its own sign of Pisces. Neptune will sensitise any planet it comes into contact with and its negative influence on Mercury could be to add ambiguity and confusion to the mix, while its positive influence is to open a gateway to the world of the imagination.

At the same time, Venus in Leo is in a tense angle to Uranus in Taurus. This suggests adventures in love, experiments in artistic creation and taking risks with resources. But with a lack of the grounding influence of Saturn I would advise paying attention to your inner voice.

Go well


Detail of a colourful painting by Marc Chagall with a man in a cap playing a ram's horn to bring in the Jewish New Year - surrounded by a donkey, a cockerel, a woman with a bunch of flowers
Detail of a painting by Marc Chagall celebrating the Jewish New Year

Key Dates this month:

15-SepNew Moon in Virgo01:41
Mercury turns direct in Virgo
16-SepJews celebrate Rosh Hashanah – New Year
23-SepSun enters Libra – Autumn Equinox06:51
25-SepJewish Day of Atonement – Yom Kippur
29-SepFull Moon in Aries09:59
Jewish festival of Succot begins
Christians celebrate Michaelmas – Feast of Michael and All Angels
30-SepMercury leaves retrograde shadow period
07-OctJews celebrate Simchat Torah
11-OctPluto turns direct in Capricorn
14-OctNew Moon in Libra – Eclipse of the Sun17:56

All Key Date times are GMT


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