“It’s unlucky to look at the new moon through glass.”
An old superstition deconstructed.

Here’s what the first crescent of the new moon looks like: a backwards letter C – it’s visible like this on the western horizon, just before sunset, a day or so after the actual new moon.

But if you look at the new moon in the mirror (through a looking glass) it appears the other way round – in other words as a waning moon.

In the mirror, the image of the waxing (growing) moon is reversed. And the growth of the new cycle is considered to be annulled.

That’s why it is considered unlucky to see the new moon through (a looking) glass.

This has become distorted over the years to suggest that you shouldn’t look at the new moon through a glass window. In my opinion, this is not the case as clear glass does not affect the image of the moon. And for those who wear glasses…

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