What would the world be like without each sign? By removing them one by one, we can get an idea of what each contributes.


An astrological chart is a fascinating thing. The signs themselves are multi-layered complexes of meaning. Then there are the planets, archetypal energies relating to all levels of human existence which interact with each other according to the ancient laws of harmonic resonance.

That’s why dealing with something as complex as an individual’s birth chart can truly stretch the imagination. It’s similar to what an orchestral conductor has to do when they’re preparing the score of a symphony. There are maybe a hundred instruments, each of which has to be understood as part of the whole.

Or when a record producer is mixing down a song, adjusting the dynamics of each track to get more than just a blend of instruments, rather something that holds together and has its own integrity.

Astrology has to be complex to reflect the uniqueness of each individual. We deserve nothing less!

So, when we’re working with sound, one useful technique is to remove an element to see how it affects the whole mix. We take the bass out, or the drums or we take the voice out. In that way we get to understand the contribution that each element makes to the whole.

As with sound, so with astrology.

So I’d like to suggest a little thought experiment. What would happen if we removed each astrological sign in turn? How would life be different? What insights would it give us? Maybe a quick trip round the zodiac will tell us something of the contribution of each sign to the whole.


Without Aries
You can’t get up in the morning. You can’t get the car going. The TV won’t start. And there’s no direction to anything. Nothing happens.

Without Taurus
Everything’s gone. There’s no furniture, no clothes There’s nothing in the fridge ‘cos there’s no fridge. You check the penny jar for coins – it’s empty.

Without Gemini
No one talks to anyone. There’s no co-operation. No sharing of ideas, no curiosity, no interest in what others think. It’s everyone for himself.

Without Cancer
There’s no home to go to. No family. No shelter from the storm. No protection from predators. Not even a sticking plaster to put on a wound.

Without Leo
Nobody hugs anyone. There’s no warmth, no welcome, no embrace. The inner child suffocates from lack of attention and love.

Without Virgo
Everything is a mess! There are no clean clothes. The kitchen is an unhygienic cesspit. No wonder nobody gets to meetings on time!

Without Libra
Nothing goes with anything. It’s just all sort of jumbled together with no concern for things matching. Just a horrible clashing of colours. “It’s not fair!” Tough!

Without Scorpio
Afraid of everything. Cowering from every slight movement, every shadow, every sudden noise. Afraid of fire, afraid of the dark. Paralysed with fear, seeing danger everywhere.

Without Sagittarius
There’s no hope. No long term plans. Can’t see further than the end of your nose. Make the same mistakes again and again without learning anything.

Without Capricorn
Nothing is solid. Houses fall down. There’s no financial basis to anything. Not only that, there’s no need to improve anything, to make it better. What’s the point?

Without Aquarius
There’s no perspective on anything. There’s no time to think, to reflect, to step back from the current situation. It’s like the world is flat, two-dimensional. It’s all so old-fashioned.

Without Pisces
No dreams. No fantasy. No imagination. No other possibilities, just material reality with nothing beyond it. So what? Nobody cares anyway.


Now please look at your own sun sign. See what a poorer place the world would be without your energy and how it contributes to the celestial and human mix and in fact keeps the world going.


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