Reading Chiron in the Birth Chart



Chiron’s orbit is very eccentric. At its closest to the sun it is inside the orbit of Saturn. At its furthest it is beyond the orbit of Uranus. As such it is the bridge between the everyday world and the inner / transpersonal world of the archetypes / archetypal experience.


No one crosses this bridge unless they have to, unless there is a compelling need. This need can be seen from the position of Chiron in the natal chart. If Chiron is in strong contact with the sun, moon, one of the moon’s nodes or an angle such as, ascendant, descendent, mid heaven or IC, then there can be business that takes one across the bridge.

Re-writing the hermetic dictum “As above, so below” in post-Jungian terms: “As within, so without”. If you want to heal, change or otherwise improve your life, you must start with your inner life, your attitudes, your repertoire of emotional responses.

We are still learning about this centaur. It was only discovered in 1977. Its orbital period is 51 years which means that since its discovery, it has yet to make a complete orbit of the sun, transiting all of the 12 zodiac signs. Chiron will return to the position in which it was discovered in 2028. Then add another 51 years for those individuals born in 2028 to go through their own Chiron return. That means what we have to say about Chiron is conjectural.

Chiron’s process is the process of shamanic initiation from wounding/being wounded to healing/being healed. Where we are wounded is where we can heal.

Read the wound in the house position of Chiron.

Read the initiation in the sign placement of Chiron.




1st House
Wound to the sense of “I” or appearance
to the sense of existence

2nd House
Wound to the values / the possessions
to the sense of self-worth

3rd House
Wound to the thinking/communicating/learning
wounding with words/wounded by words
(by the brothers/sisters/school friends)

4th House
Wound to the sense of protection, to the armour
to the home, to the sense of inner security.
(Wound by the mother)

5th House
Wound to the inner child, to the creative ability
(Wound to the ability to have children)

6th House
Wound to the health
(Wounded at work)

7th House
Wounded heart
(Wounded in love/by partner)

8th House
Wounded courage.
(wounded by other’s valuation/ other’s opinions)

9th House
Wounded on a journey.
(Wounded by priests/ spiritual teachers/gurus)

10th House
Wound to the ambitions.
(by the father/male authority figures)

11th House
Wound to the hopes/to the sense of belonging
(by friends)

12th House
Wounding by sacrifice.



Initiation through battle into Warriorhood.

Initiation through Earthrites into Fertility/Creativity

Initiation through Play into Tricksterhood.

Initiation into the Tribe.

Initiation into Dignity and Majesty.

Initiation into Perfection.

Initiation into Union.

Initiation into Acceptance of Death

Initiation through Higher Learning into Priesthood

Initiation into the World

Initiation into Fellowship.

Initiation through Pain/Compassion into the Spirit

Ben Belinsky


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