The parable of the caravan : Saturn in the signs

The parable of the caravan : Saturn in the signs

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There are twelve of us and we are crossing an immense plain. Anything could happen: attacks, dangers, natural disasters and even worse, and less predictable, the enemy or enemies within. Each of us carries something within us, a vital part of what we need for the journey.

In astrological terms, the twelve are the twelve signs of the zodiac and what each of us carries is shown by the position of the planet Saturn in our charts.

But each of us is reluctant to pick up our burden. We may avoid our responsibility, try to pass it on to someone else, see it as a handicap, an affliction, something to blame others for. We may feel that without the burden our life would be more joyful, more carefree. But the burden is ours to carry. Not only for ourselves but also for the good of our fellow travellers. Carrying the burden will tire us, wear us out.  Until we realise that what we thought was a burden is in fact a skill, a hidden talent.


Saturn in Aries

The burden of leadership and decision

It’s too easy just to stay silent when what you want to say is “This way!”. But it’s up to you to find the energy to stand up and point the way. To put aside your doubts and to take the risk knowing that you may be wrong.

Saturn in Taurus

The burden of perseverance

Just to stop and rest and let the sand blow over us and the wind cool us. But then to get up and keep going, even if it means moving forward only a few yards, even if it feels like nothing is achieved. That’s not the point. The point is to accept the blessing of the daily grind and keep going.

Saturn in Gemini

The burden of clear thinking

When all is clouded in superstition and irrationality. When emotion and magical thinking override clarity – your burden is to assess the unvarnished meaning of the situation and to speak your truth clearly and logically. You’re going to upset people but sometimes the survival of the group depends on that.

Saturn in Cancer

The burden of connection

To protect yourself by staying inside your shell. Do you dare to open? Do you dare to share what you feel with others? Might you find that they have the same fears and uncertainties that you do? By chancing that connection yourself, you might give permission to others to open up a bit and ease the loneliness that we all feel.

Saturn in Leo

The burden of humility

No matter how exhausted you are. No matter how much you would rather be alone to nurse your disappointments. Just give of yourself whatever you can. No matter how small and insignificant it may seem, your words and deeds will ripple out and affect others, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and a sense of belonging. You light the fire for all to sit around and talk and tell their stories.

Saturn in Virgo

The burden of service

You must serve without recognition. There will be criticism, some of which will cut you and leave you feeling rejected and disheartened. Maybe no one will understand or appreciate you. But you do what you have to do because it is necessary and no one else will do it.

Saturn in Libra

The burden of holding the balance.

Dare you interrupt? Dare you make sure that every voice is heard? Remember that not everybody else knows what you know. They might get frustrated with you telling them it’s not fair. They’ll say you’re slowing things down. But you know you have to speak up and make sure everyone has their say and what they say is taken into account.

Saturn in Scorpio

The burden of courage

Many don’t trust you. They may feel that you don’t belong. But when times are at their worst, after a tragedy or an attack, you are the one who will demonstrate the resilience and hidden strength to deal with the situation coolly, almost dispassionately and carry on. In this way, you enable everyone to do what is necessary to move through the bad times.

Saturn in Sagittarius

The burden of vision

It’s too easy to be like the others and take the journey step by step, stone by stone, where life can become a tedious accumulation of days. It is your responsibility to keep your eyes on the goal, the destination, to remind us all of the ‘why’ of the journey.

Saturn in Capricorn

The burden of discipline

Things cannot go on with people just doing what they feel like. You understand the need for order and structure and that everyone has a role to play. You know your burden, you accept it willingly and wonder why others can’t do the same. You have to deal with those who think of you as an autocrat, a control-freak and it is your burden to carry this dislike. You know it’s not personal.

Saturn in Aquarius

The burden of individuality

Most of the time we must all act together as a team. Everything coordinated. Everyone knowing their place. This is necessary for the routine function of the group. But there are also days when someone has to break ranks to handle something unforeseen and you are the one to break. Because at these times, groupthink can be counter-productive and sometimes downright dangerous. And similarly, there are also times when someone else feels they have to make a stand to voice a different opinion, and you are the one who will support them – because you know what it’s like to be different.

Saturn in Pisces

The burden of compassion

Maybe you would just rather leave them to suffer by the side of the road. “Someone else will take care of them.” But maybe you’ve found yourself in the same position and you know what it’s like. You know the cost and the consequences of inaction. Now you know it’s up to you.


Although we all travel alone in this caravan, we are always connected to each other. And none of our burdens is more or less important than any other.


Ben Belinsky

July 2024

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