Forget the zodiac symbols for a moment – here are the energies of the signs as pure colour


The signs of the zodiac are usually illustrated by their images: Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Gemini the Twins etc. These are traditional and come from the patterns that the constellations make.

Some are a bit more obvious than others. It doesn’t take much imagination to see the stars of Leo as a recumbent lion. Gemini clearly shows two parallel lines coming from the twin stars Castor and Pollux. Others are less obvious.

But the signs of the zodiac are not only symbols, they are energies, some dynamic, some static; some warm, some cool; some light, some darker and so on. Using a primitive Paint programme, I’ve given my interpretation of the twelve signs as abstract patterns of colours. And to give the right hemisphere of your brain a chance I’m not going to give any explanations, just show you the pictures.

Here goes:

bright red arrows on a military khaki backgroundARIES






Solid blue and purple shapes on a warm green backgroundTAURUS






Two stylised mouths in yellow and pink on a pale blue backgroundGEMINI






Flowing blue and purple on a sea-green backgroundCANCER






Two circles, royal purple and bright orange on magenta backgroundLEO






Complex pattern of intersecting lines in yellow, grey and brownVIRGO






Balanced squares in pastel yellow and pale blueLIBRA






Spiky image in burgundy and grey on black and red backgroundSCORPIO






Flying arrows in shades of blue on a purple backgroundSAGITTARIUS






Solid image in blue and grey on a dark blue background with a black baseCAPRICORN






Multicoloured circles on a grey backgroundAQUARIUS






Misty dream-like image in pale blue on a white backgroundMisty dream-like image in pale blue on a white backgroundPISCES

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