Up to the invention of the telescope we knew of 7 planets. (Well, actually 5 plus the sun and moon.) They orbit the sun in the same way the earth does, and their movements and cycles can be calculated and predicted. And now we have discovered more planets further out beyond Saturn and we’re getting to know them and studying their influence on people’s lives.

Neptune and Social Media

Neptune was discovered in 1846. How have photography, movies, television and social media changed the way we see ourselves and the world since then? Discovery

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boy wearing flying goggles and cardboard wings

Mars the Motivator

  What motivates you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? From an astrological point of view the answer is the planet Mars.

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Saturn – Part Two

And if you manage to get through your Saturn return in one piece, here are your rewards.   The Gifts of Saturn But before we

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